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Welcome to Sparkles by Ashlee, a Christian lifestyle blog over faith, funny, and fulfilling dreams. I'm Ashlee Staerk, and I'm a teenager in love with Jesus and writing stories for His glory in Iowa. Grab your fave drink (I'll take a Dr. Pepper), and peruse my blog, where I document what God is teaching me, encouragement He lays on my heart, the good and the bad in life (always keeping it real), and my journey of trusting God with my dreams!

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// Stay in a lodge // Completed!

// See the Grand Canyon

// Visit Hollywood and the Walk of Fame

// Do the usual tourist attractions in South Dakota

// Visit Wisconsin Dells and Great Wolf Lodge

// Go to Chicago + the Skydeck

// Go on a tropical vacation in Florida // Completed!

// Go to Atlantis

// Go to New York City and see the Statue of Liberty

// Vacation to the Bahamas

// And Norway

// And Amsterdam where Hazel and Augustus went

// See the Eiffel Tower

// Check out Italy

// Fly on an airplane at night

// Swim in the ocean

// Swim in one of the Great Lakes

// Go to Colorado and explore

// Walk behind a waterfall


// Successfully run 5+ miles

// Run in the Color Run // Completed!

// Run in the Glow Run

// Walk for breast cancer

// Successfully do 100+ push ups

// Get abs


// Get baptized again // Completed!

// Consult with someone about trusting God with their dreams and life

// Publish a devotional book

// Write a personal book over my journey

// Publish short stories online

// Help families with financial problems

// Go into prison ministry

// Complete the entire Bible // Completed in summer 2k16 after starting in fall 2k15

// Read more nonfiction over topics I need clarity on // Completed!

// Listen to more Christian music // Completed & will write about soon

// Keep in touch with my online sisters in Christ

// Pray publicly // Completed at my church before a service

// Read the Bible at the courthouse // Completed!

// Lead someone to Christ

// See my family get saved

// Watch God transform a broken situation

// Help someone who feels worthless

// Help someone forgive themself

// Help someone forgive another person

// Write a letter to someone who needs it // Completed in fall 2k16 & and am praying it changes their life

// Go on a church retreat // Completed!

Cooking and Baking

// Successfully cook 5 whole meals

// Learn to be healthy so I don't die at 20 or before

// Drink more water

// Bake healthy things #lol


// Start a blog // Completed!

// Get one comment on every single blog post from the past

// Write everyday on my blog about something I love that can be beneficial to others

// Make one very close blogging friend

// Meet a blogger in real life

// Be featured somewhere // Completed!

// Impact people // Completed & love you all

// Get ten thousand page views per month

// Then one hundred thousand

// Then five hundred thousand

// Then one million

// Sell an e-course over something faith based or writing

// Sell an e-book over something faith based

// Interview somebody I like for blogging purposes

// Design a line of goodies with Sparkles by Ashlee based stuff like phone cases

// Create a newsletter

// Do some vlogs

// Write a book // Completed!

// Publish my current book

// Publish more books for the Lord

// Become a New York Times bestselling author

// Have one book become a major motion picture for the Lord

// Act in a Christian movie

// Write a script for a Christian movie

// Become an editor

// Put together photo albums of my life

// Journal everyday

Life in General

// Get straight A's (or close) throughout school

// Attend a Christian college

// Get a degree in either something business/blogging related, creative writing, editing or psychology

// Study psychology and sociology

// Be my own boss with something writing/God honoring related

// Get married to the guy God has planned for me (that I pray is gorgeous and has an even more gorgeous faith)

// Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary

// Own a nice modern/outdoor type house that is CLOSE to a mansion with a good chunk of land by or in a city AND a castle-like design with a tower

// Take an interior design class

// Have a gorgeous backyard (I have this dream that I will have some sort of waterfall/pond out in there, and I'm actually serious about it)

// Be a good mom and have at least 2 kids but no more than 4 (God might have others plan, so we'll see)

// Own a dog

// Be a good driver that can drive on crazy interstates and all that good stuff

// Actually how about I just don't kill myself, my family, or the car while driving

// Buy my dream Chevy Equinox


// Go tubing

// Try zip lining (in a building)

// Sleep under the stars // Completed with one of my good friends long ago at her house & pretty sure I got no sleep BUT I did see shooting stars!!! #worthit

// Go to a huge water park

// See a volcano (that is not erupting and going to kill me thank you)

// Play laser tag

// Sit in a hot spring

// Go on the Queen in Okoboji

// Jet ski at 'Boji

// Watch fireworks in a boat on Lake Okoboji

// Go to Discovery Cove with my waterproof phone case

// Ride in a hot air balloon

// See Taylor Swift in concert

// See The Chainsmokers in concert

// Go to an EDM festival

// Meet Hayden Christensen

// Visit the Mall of America *completed but want to do again with more pictures duh

// Watch a meteor shower // Completed with Dad on our back porch in summer 2k15

// Try Dippin' Dots // Completed!

// Go to a drive-in movie

// Meet McKenna Haase // Completed!

// Shoot a turkey // Completed!

// Go kayaking // Completed!

// Go fishing in Canada // Completed!

// See Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert // Completed!

// Take pictures in downtown Des Moines

// Stay at the Marriott in downtown Des Moines

// Tour a mansion


// Edit someone's book

// Consult with someone over writing or blogging

// Minister to broken people

// Sell e-courses

// Be a reporter that interviews hockey players (oh my gosh wouldn't that be awesome?! HELLO Zach Parise!!)

// Make a living off of my books

// Become a psychologist


// Learn about taxes

// Buy my dream MacBook Air // Completed!

// Make money through my very own services

// Give my money away

// Own UGGS // Completed!

Jeremiah 29:11