meet my fam bam, who I love lots


Helps me in my faith, takes me shopping even though she hates it, takes my picture five thousand times even though she hates that too, eats a bunch of crap with me, and oh so much more. Thankful.


Has a great outlook on life I admire, takes awful but great selfies with me, teaches me important life skills (I am sorry, but I am not skinning a deer myself - I'll hold the lights while you do it like we recently did, okay?), and unfortunately he's the one who eats the crap I love. Cheesy ruffles, anyone? Mom had to get us two bags and write my name on one, and he is STILL trying to eat out of the gosh dang thing... Well anyway, I still love him. I'm thankful too.

Younger Brother, Hunter

When he's not being strong willed and annoying me, he's a sweetie. We have a ton of fun together screaming at each other over hockey, building awesome things in Minecraft, and he'll actually take my picture, but only if I pay him one dollar per photo. He's a little pricy ya know. He has cystic fibrosis, but God has His back, and He's doing great. Too great, because like I said, strong willed annoying person. But ya know, gotta be thankful for that. AND BELIEVE ME, PEOPLE... That is hard. But I do it anyways because I am a good sister, and he won't give me one piece of his candy. I have some work to do.

Our "Doog", Willy

Willy Skywalker is an almost two year old white/yellow labrador retriever, and he is a gosh dang beast when it comes to hunting! He loves to cuddle, he is not the leader because he's the friendly little boy, he is way too vocal, barks at his DANG food for who knows what reason, he's very playful, he loves his walks and when I go out to run without him I'll hear about it later (I'm not even kidding), and I just love him very much. Life is better with a dog, even my once was a dog hater mom agrees with that, and now she's getting another one. She'll just say that she changed her mind from never to someday but just give it a year or two. She's gonna have a dog hotel - I said it first.

Together we live on an acreage in Iowa where we love to hunt, fish, go to Knoxville and watch the races...

Oh, heck! Those nights are! I even wrote a blog post comparing racing and life at Knoxville to the everyday life, check it out! The boys love Terry McCarl, and I love McKenna Haase who loves pink as much as I do! IT IS NORMAL.

...we also love having fun together and trying new things...

A lot of that takes place in Des Moines since Dad works there, and he hears of new things. Like when him and Mom had a date night at Sleepy Hollow. Hunter loves Bass Pro, we go to Adventureland, Wells Fargo for concerts and...


We love hockey. Well, Mom can never keep up so she's just sticking with football. Dad and I are the smart ones in the family so we are Wild fans all the way, and Hunter is the dummy as I mentioned earlier, and so he roots for the Blackhawks. No, no, no, no, no. I better introduce you to my favorite player of the Wild, but if you know anything about hockey then you've probably already heard of him. Zach Parise is, like, a stud. Let's talk about his face - well, actually, he's married, so let's not go there. But future husband requirements though... He is an amazing player, my life will be complete once I get my picture or five with him. ;)

So that's us summarized. I am so thankful for my little family, and how God has carried us through. Our faith is #1, and we're going to be okay. Now, here are some pictures that will not do your eyes justice - especially the one I've included of Zach. You're welcome.