3 Ways to Fulfill Your Dreams

We all have big dreams. We all have talents. And we want ways to fulfill those dreams. But sometimes, it's not always easy getting out there with them. We let jealousy rule in - somebody's already doing this super well; I don't need to. We don't have much confidence all the time - but what if it fails, then what? And then there's always the doubts and fear about everything you're doing.


Today I thought I would share three major tips that have really helped me calm down and fulfill my dreams. We all know I'm a huge dreamer, and sometimes I have trouble having patience. These tips are what God has been speaking to me, and sometimes I just have to stop and remember that.

seek His will!!!

seek His will!!!

1. God has a very unique plan for YOU.

Who He has placed in your life is different from that blogger with millions of followers. He will place the right people in your life who need it. He has gifted you with your own special talent. Yes, other people might also be gifted, but so what? God gave you that talent for a reason, which means He has a special plan for it.

And nobody else will be able to use that talent like God is going to use it for you. He has a plan made just for you.

Trust in Him. Do what you do best. Pray on it. Listen to Him. This is something I struggle with a lot. If you want me to be totally transparent with you, I hate it when kids my age are good writers. There, I said it. Because I'm super selfish, and I want writing to be "Ashlee's thing". But tons of people have it, and God will use them in their own special way. I will be used in my own special way. No writer will be used like I am. And the same goes for them. God has a plan for each of us if we accept His son and His love.


2. That plan? You have to trust it. Through the bad and the good.

Sometimes I think we believe that God's plan for us is always good, and it is. But that doesn't mean trials will never come, and you have to trust in God when they do. When trials come, don't lose your confidence. That's only the devil; God tells us to keep going.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." - Galatians 6:9

So don't give up. Obey God even when it's hard - He says He will provide. BAD TIMES DO NOT LAST. Pain is temporary! And think of the reward you will get by obeying God!

surround yourself with those who lift you UP!

surround yourself with those who lift you UP!


You don't need excuses. They're all meaningless - not a single one of them is a good excuse if this is what God wants for you. I mean, He keeps our entire universe in line. He will provide! Know Him, seek His will, and then DO IT.

Find a Bible verse or an awesome quote (please not the worldly "You can do anything you set your mind to" - you can't), and memorize it every day. Say it when you wake up in the morning. Say it before you go to bed. Say it whenever you receive doubts. Put it on your phone. Put it in your room, on your bookmark, write it down, etc. Never ever let go of God.

I've been working really hard lately. I get jealous really easily. I always doubt my book. I think things like, "This is not going to go anywhere, I will never measure up to the authors I like." And that's just not true.

Or sometimes I think, "Is blogging even my thing? I mean not a lot of people read it anyways, so what's the point?" But that's not true, either.

I've postponed the editing of my book. I can't put my full focus into it, so I'm going to wait until spring break. (GRANDMA! This is actually key for we are staying up until three in the morning with the occasional breaks for Cookie Jam which I CAN NEVER WIN but yeah.) This means I'm going to be putting all of the attention on my blog, and I have some good post ideas planned!

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I'm going to have to remember these tips as I finish this month and coming this spring, start making big things happen (I'm not even kidding). Is it difficult to fulfill your dreams, and did these tips help? What do you need some help with when it comes to fulfilling your dreams?