5 Big Tips for Getting More Blog Readers

Let's face it: blog readers are something we all want. It's important, though, to humble yourself and wait for God's timing. However, I can understand wanting some tips to help you grow your blog and reach more people. Today, Brooke from Live the Prep Life is going to be sharing five {important} tips she's learned!


Sometimes, it can be very hard to gain readers, especially when you're new to blogging, and you're just figuring everything out. Luckily, today I have some tips for you to help gain readers that will love your blog and keep coming back to it!

Be authentic

I know this is such an obvious tip, and everyone says it, but this is honestly one of the most important parts of blogging. People can tell when you're being fake and fluffy, and that is the perfect way to get them to never visit your blog again. Don't make things up, don't lie, and write about what is true to you. Not only will your writing be better if you're writing about things you truly love, but people who love the same things as you will be truly interested in what you have to say.

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Post good quality

Don't just spontaneously publish random things with blurry pictures and only a few sentences. Make sure you take a few hours to sit down and write a good post that people will want to read. Make it have a purpose. Make sure it is clear and understandable. Ask yourself: would I want to read this? Would I want to share this? If the answer is no, you need to revise and edit some more.

Be friendly

Nobody wants to read a blog if the author's not friendly. There are so many ways to engage with other people whether they be readers or fellow bloggers. You can share other bloggers' posts, collaborate with them, and participate in link ups to engage with bloggers. Don't forget to engage with your readers too, though! I always like to leave a question at the end of my posts to give a prompt for the reader to leave a comment. Whenever someone leaves a comment on my blog or Instagram, I always reply to them. While it may seem like a small thing to do, it's very crucial to the growth of your blog!

Share your posts

If you follow the first three steps, and you write a good post that has a purpose and meaning, you want other people to read it, right? Then you have to share it! I always pin all of the images on my post to Pinterest, and I will tweet the post a few times throughout the day. Often, I will post a picture on Instagram that goes along with the topic I'm blogging about. Then, a few weeks later, I might go and tweet that post again, so it can be seen again by new followers or people who might have overlooked that post before. Sharing through all of these ways allows other people to find your posts and possibly share them too.

Make your website clean and aesthetically pleasing

This is one of the biggest turn-offs for me personally. If your website is full of clutter, has a million and one things going on, and has literally every color of the rainbow as the background, I'm going to close that tab. But if your website is inviting and clean, I'll stick around and read a few posts. Make sure your design reflects your personality, too. If you're a very bright and bubbly person and the purpose of your blog is to spread inspiration and positivity, you don't want your website to look very dull and depressing. That sends mixed signals, which can be confusing and will make a potential reader want to leave.

What are your tips for gaining readers?

Brooke is a Dallas teen with a love for writing, photography, and fashion. When she's not blogging, she loves to play soccer, shop, and explore the places around her. You can find her over at Live The Prep Life!

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