A Letter to Myself About Basketball


Dear Ashlee,

This is me to talking to you. Duh. It's a letter to MYSELF about basketball. Why am I writing this? Because I know you, and I know you've had a lot of concerns about basketball. This isn't going to be a rant about travel leagues or anything, this is just a letter to you about things. Some of your concerns are fitting in, not being good enough, ranked as lesser because of your lack of being in travel leagues, and just fear. Lately though, I've had to ask you some things.

Why do you play basketball? You always say for fun, because you genuinely like the sport. And I've been thinking about something, Ashlee (I realize how weird this is sounding). If you play for fun and to get better, why do you care about fitting in? Does it matter? NO IT DOES NOT. AT ALL. We all want to be accepted, but we forget that all we need is God. I know sometimes when you hear that over and over, it loses its meaning. But think about this.

God created the entire universe, sent His son Jesus for YOUR sins alone if that was the case, and He still loves and cares for you. That's not something people just say! It's in the Bible, and the Bible is 100% true. And one of these days you guys will get to hear why I think so with scientific evidence - I'm trying to get that post all organized. It'll be a big one, and I want to make sure it's accurate. But sorry, today I'm not talking to you guys, I'm talking to Ashlee, because she's cooler than you. I might be kidding.

Here is your answer to fear number one, Ashlee. The girls may love you, they may hate you, it doesn't matter - because you have God, and He is going to get you far. You have a family that has your back and is going to support you regardless. Unless you become a stripper. They might not be the happiest about that one. Well, anyway, you get the idea. That's all that matters, and you play for fun - DO NOT let anyone take that away from you! Chances are if they don't like you, it's jealousy, and don't let them keep you from having fun because of something like THAT. If you're like, making complete air balls and just being a walking clumsy person, well, then they might be ticked because they think you suck, BUT I HAVE AN IDEA.

If that's the case, still don't let them take that away from you! Do your best, kill with kindness, and trust in God! Imagine what they'll think then! Don't let people wreck how you feel or how you play. You play for God, even if you suck. I mean, He has to get his entertainment somehow... I'm sure He'll still love it.

But you don't suck. You may not have played for travel leagues, but good grief, that doesn't define you as a player. If someone thinks it does, well, I guess let them. Let them figure it out - it's their life. This day in age, sports are pretty much everything to kids and PARENTS. My parents never force me to do anything unless I start something, but they motivate me in those things - there's a difference. I don't think they'd motivate me on being a stripper. Next time they complain about me wanting basketball socks, I'm going to tell them it could always be worse.

Regardless of who you play with or what team you're on, you play for fun, and you play for God. The rest doesn't matter. God has a plan for you, trust Him, have FUN this season, and you'll be rewarded.