A Productive Day


Today I am happy because I got some progress into my:
DEVOTIONS | Yep. I finished typing the questions for today, and I love doing those. I'm still reading LIVING SO THAT, and I promise I will be posting the review for chapter two soon. That is, once I finish chapter two. Just give me another two years...

WRITING | Yes! Finally! My book was printed, which is only 298 pages but looks more like 500, and I'm beginning the editing process! I am actually pretty pleased because I have not had nearly as many edits to make as I thought. I must have nailed the revising process... I only went through it 5 times...

BLOGGING | It's a short post, but at least I blogged... I just had to share the editing news!

BLOGGING GOALS | I am working on the redesign, what else will ever be new?

This post has a lot of words. Sorry about that. Here's a picture of the beautiful clouds to give your brain a break.

Oh, and I took this, so please don't copy.

Oh, and I took this, so please don't copy.

The rest of the blogging goals... I'll get to it someday.

MY SUMMER BUCKET LIST | Yeah, no. I plan to look at it and start scheduling things *SOON*.

SUMMER PROJECTS | I need $260. Any tips with that?

Hope you're having a great summer!
How are you doing with YOUR goals?