An Okoboji/Arnold's Park Photoshoot + Tipsy House


Today I had a great day in Spirit Lake and Okoboji. And I crossed another thing off my bucket list: The Tipsy House! Last year listed here on #4 I went in the Tipsy House, and it was! Last year I also got what would become my new little headshot taken by the lakes, and so I figured I would go again this year and get some more pics taken! I took a whole bunch so I would have options, not because I am conceited... One of these is my welcome image, others will go on different social media pages as my profile picture, and others will appear on blog pages. Tell me which ones you like best - preferably the posing and lighting and all that. I won't ask you how I look...

It was a really hazy but humid day, and I actually kind of liked that better than beaming sunshine for the pics! I wore my pink specifically for today, and just for the record, these aren't professional. Not that I thought you'd think they were. My Grams and Gramps took them on my iPhone. But I'd say that they turned out nice. Oh, I love my iPhone. Okay, here's the pics already. If you make it to the bottom, there's more details on the Tipsy House.


Okay, that's all. Now as I promised, here's some pics from the Tipsy House. I love that place, and Grams and Gramps did it with me, and they made it! Here's some pics from the top.


Hope you're all having a fun summer!

sparkles, ashlee