Another Blogging Recap (Over a Year at It)


It's so hard to believe that a year ago, I wrote this post of a blogging recap (and also my five million and one blog designs). I mean, wow. I've learned so much through blogging. Some of it was the blogging tips everyone constantly throws out there. But a lot of it was just the purpose of my blog in general and trusting in God.

I learned...

Why I do what I do.

I've always had an idea, but finally I wrote out the exact purposes of my blog and brand. Read why I do this.

What my blog goals are.

Also how to make myself lust over laptops. Read that story here.

Blogging changes your life.

It's funny to think about how my life was before my blog. I practically can't do it. Being a blogger is quite a different life from others. Read all about how blogging changes your life.

Now... Ready for the blog designs?!

I've had 8 since the old post. So really, nothing has changed because I think that's how many I had in my previous blogging recap too.

This one was an okay design. I think I was trying to recreate one of my very old ones. I was really content with it for awhile, but then I think I thought it didn't look enough like a "website", and I switched to a template that I thought did look better.


Which led to this one. I really like how this template, Marquee, displays content, but it didn't look good on the blog. The blog page made the images huge, and it was just hard to read.


This is actually a design with the template I'm using now, but there are some changes I made. I think I was desperate with this one because none of the other designs had worked.


I was experimenting with new templates, and I kind of liked this one, but it wasn't "it" either.


Then I was looking into blog designs I really liked, and I wanted the layout one site I liked had, but needless to say, it looks better on their site haha. This design wouldn't have been that bad if it had a sidebar, but I don't think it was for my brand.


I went back to the first design I showed, but I changed it up. I still really like this design, but it was pretty basic. It looks like just another blog, so I kept on trying different things.


I also tried this design, and I definitely still like it, but I felt like it was more like somebody else's site and not my own.


I've always liked the template I have now. I like the imagery and just the layout. It's different, but I've always felt like this one says my brand the best. We'll see if I actually stick with it haha. Thank you all for following along!

P.S. I've added a new page for FAQ's and blog post requests! Ask me/request something here!