Back Home and How Are You, Dreams?


I just got home from being with my Gramps and Grams for two weeks. Actually, I came home Tuesday, but I've been busy blog designing instead of writing. Oh... I think we're getting the design figured out.

Anyway! I had so much fun with Gramps and Grams. For the first week, it was just me who went up, and then Hunter came up for the second week. So many memories I'll never forget... I know you probably don't really care, but if you stay until the end I'll be talking about some updates with my entire life. Or you can just scroll to the bottom... Either works. But I really don't want to forget, so that is why I am blogging about it and such. The majority of the post is in pictures anyway, and some pictures turned out good, so you may or may not want to look at them... Like pictures of my 732 donuts. And 267 McFlurries. Yep. Somewhere around there.

On Saturday morning, my dad drove me up because he was on his way to a race up north about a half hour from where Gramps and Grams were. We had a pretty good time!


This is Windmill Lane. It's pretty self explanatory. My family used to always count how many old fashioned windmills we'd see, and this road had 11 I think.


Subway is awesome, and they're healthy! I finally found something that I like that's healthy! It is possible! But why don't they just call their ham "ham"? They call it some fancy name after a forest, and I'm just like, "I want regular ham," and they're like "That is," and I'm like oh. !@#$% Really?! And this is actually a horrible picture. I don't know why I'm posting it. Well, at least you know I'm capable of eating healthy. I should've been diagnosed with diabetes over the week. I guess it's a good thing I don't get sugar high.


We FaceTimed Mom and Hunter while driving. Note: Don't do that. It's not safe. We did it anyway.


After Dad had left for the races, we went to McDonald's, and I got my first McFlurry (up there, obviously). I seriously like them better than a blizzard. Anyway, we rode in Grandpa's new car, and I love it. It lights up BLUE. LOOK AT MY FEET.


The next day we walked to Casey's, and I got three donuts. And I ate them. End of story.


Did I ever mention how my grandpa had a kidney stone a few weeks earlier, they didn't get one of them, and he had to back for surgery in two weeks which would be AFTER Hunter and I were gone? So he was having a party about that. And then guess what happened? Grams and I were walking back from Casey's, -with donuts- and then she got a phone call from him saying he cut his arm. We didn't know how, but there was a big storm the previous night, and that morning I saw him picking up *big* sticks, so I thought it would be something like that. It was. And he had to go to the hospital. Him and I didn't think it was too deep at first, but Grandma still made him get it looked at and oh, he needed stitches! The problem was, he had held a cloth to it, and that pushed it down, so it didn't look bad but then the doctor opened it up... I'll stop now.


Before that happened, we went to go eat onion rings with Grandma's friend. It consisted of fun talks about life.


This was 10:40 at night. You wonder why I stay up late. -No Regrets-


Another day I went swimming with my 3rd or 4th cousin who was a year younger than me. We had fun, but that ended for me twenty minutes afterwards. I forgot my goggles at home, and so I thought I'd be fine without them. Either I have the most sensitive eyes in the world, or goggles are just a necessity for everyone, but I felt like I was going blind. I could not open my eyes. We went out for pizza later, and I still felt out of it, and the pizza tasted like rubber. Which was basically how my eyes felt.


In between the slow internet reloading, I actually read a lot.


The day before we had to get Hunter, it was so beautiful out, and we went for a fun walk.


Then we almost got struck by lightning.


Then it was time to get Hunter. Mom and Dad were on their way to some races, so it worked out that we could meet in Albert Lea.


This dude. I mean really.


I finally found a Share a Coke with ASHLEE! Not Ashley! Shocking.


Good bye, Mom and Dad.


In between everything you've seen so far, it consisted of more walks and more donuts. Going to HyVee. Seeing Grandma's friend at the nursing home. Meeting at Hardee's with her other friend again. And renting movies (I watched the most stupid movie ever!) and also bike rides and a broken ice cream machine at McDonald's ("Nice place!" Grandpa said) and more McFlurries. Then when we were going to HyVee and renting movies *on foot, of course* we saw smoke coming down from the forest fires in Canada. As it set, IT WAS PINK.


Another day, we went to Walmart in Spirit Lake.


Afterwards, we ate at Dairy Queen. So overpriced, but so worth it.


On the 4th, we went to an annual event nearby called the Flight Breakfast.


It's exactly how it sounds, except I didn't actually fly anywhere. They were doing helicopter rides, but it was way too expensive.


So yeah. This is *was* my life.


Unfortunately, the sparklers we had were crap, so we hoped to find some good fireworks. We knew Spirit Lake would be a zoo, especially down in Okoboji, but we thought we might be able to see some from Walmart without getting tangled into the craziness.
Isn't this a cool picture?


The lakes were jammed packed with boats. EVERYWHERE. Forget cars, how are the boats gonna get out? And despite Grandpa saying he wouldn't enter the craziness, that's exactly what he did... We saw a few good fireworks and cars everywhere before we retreated back to Walmart.


This looks like an awesome golf course.


A few more walks and donuts got squeezed in.


Such a fun two weeks, and I'm very thankful for it all... Glory to God~


I also got lots of editing done in my book, but I still have a long way to go. I'm hoping that gets worked out soon, but I guess it's up to me. I'm still looking for ways to grow my blog. I need a Twitter, and I need to figure out how to get custom pin it buttons on my images. Those two things would help me a lot - ask the experts. And I finally figured out my blog design, so yay!

Also, I'm willing to do button swaps with other bloggers! I will paste your blog header at the bottom of each of my posts, and if you have a sidebar you can put my button there or my header at the bottom of your posts, too! So let me know if you're interested! I would also be willing to do that with guest posts too.

What else, what else...? I finally finished my blog design, and I'm happy with it. Not kidding. Anything else? Nope. That's it. I'm not too interesting. I know. I wish I actually had GOOD updates to give you. I'm gonna work on that book, I promise. Thanks for reading, though. It means a lot to me, and one of these days I'll have updates.