Sparkles by Ashlee: faith, funny, + fulfilling dreams

Welcome to Sparkles by Ashlee, a Christian lifestyle blog over faith, funny, and fulfilling dreams. I'm Ashlee Staerk, and I'm a teenager in love with Jesus and writing stories for His glory in Iowa. Grab your fave drink (I'll take a Dr. Pepper), and peruse my blog, where I document what God is teaching me, encouragement He lays on my heart, the good and the bad in life (always keeping it real), and my journey of trusting God with my dreams!

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Blogs or Vlogs?

For a million years (or maybe just until January 2k15), I've been saying I want to do vlogs (aka video blogs, which are just YouTube videos) where I talk about my faith, what I'm learning in my life, and news on my writing and what I'm learning about fulfilling your dreams. And here we are, in March 2k17, and I still haven't done that! I guess that's mainly because I don't know how beneficial they would be or if you guys would want them, so if you could just fill out a super brief survey on your thoughts, I'd appreciate it greatly! Thank you all so much for supporting this blog as well as you do! xo

Should I start doing vlogs in addition to writing blog posts or just stick to writing this blog? *