Dear Future Husband...


**Okay, yes, I know I am not old enough to even date yet, so don't start screaming at me about that, BUT you are never too young to start praying for your future husband, and it's certainly not a sin to write a letter to him.**

-This came from a letter I wrote on my phone when I was bored one night (it's obviously been revised), and I do not have the exact date of when I wrote it. I had to copy and paste it when I switched apps, and the date when I did that was February 12, 2015.

Dear future husband...

I'm just gonna be honest. I pretty much think about you a lot. I mean, when I daydream about that really cute teenager I saw at the races, I guess that leads to you. Not that you're him or anything, although I sure as heck hope you're one of his seven look a likes, because scientifically they say that's how many people look like each person in the world. No, seriously though. Because then it leads to thoughts like "I wonder if he'll look that hot," or "I wonder where we'll meet and what we do" and a bunch of other things I'll keep to myself. I think about faith, too.

I promise I'm not in this for looks. If you want me to be serious, I really hope you know Jesus. He's the only way out of this world, and He will give you peace and comfort through your life. 

I don't care about your past, and as long as you end up asking for forgiveness for whatever bad you may have done, I don't care about those bad decisions.

I don't care if you sing or act, race or write. Well, of course I care, I'm not a snob, but I'm not going to not date you if don't like to write. But you sure as heck better like my blog, or we're getting a divorce. I'm kidding. Maybe, maybe not...

Okay, here comes the mushy gushy stuff. I will be praying for you. You may be making really stupid choices now that you'll end up repenting for, or you might have your head set on God like I do already. Truthfully, I really don't care as long as you end up having your head set on God BEFORE WE ACTUALLY SAY I DO... I also pray that you'll even be able to love me because I'm thinking our bedroom should be pink. I can compromise on a really nice shade of blue. And the wedding, one way or another, either needs to involve sparkles or bubbles. Take your pick. If you're smart, you'd pick bubbles.

Also, I'm a romantic. I'm not for the cliche type of romantic stuff you see in common romance movies, but I want you to treat me well and basically spoil me. Put me above your friends, and be willing to defend me in front of them. God should always be first, though - I'm not that needy. The bottom line is this: I AM YOUR PRINCESS. Got it? Good.

Just so you know, I'm gonna play hard to get at first, so don't give up. I have a high list of standards I won't lower for anyone - even if you're gorgeous. But I pray for you every night, and I know God made you just for me and whatever amazing things you're going to do with your life.

And just to know what I was up to in my life when I wrote this: I am currently twelve (but I was eleven I guess when I first wrote this). The Lord will always be most important to me, and I have big dreams for Him. I have no books published yet, but I'm almost finished editing my first one. Currently I'm in the middle of redesigning my blog. Like what else is new? Too bad they didn't pay me to do that. I could make a living off of that. And that's my life. I pretty much live on my blog.

I'll write more to you later in life, and so wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I know God is watching over you, even if you can't see that right now. I look forward to those days, but in the meantime, I think you know what I'll be doing... I'm basically a plastic surgeon, and currently my client is Sparkles by Ashlee.

I'm assuming you're older than me, and if you are, I pray you make good choices because the next few years is when it gets crazy. But like I said, I'll forgive you even if you do make them. (But you have to repent to God first, duh.) And if you're younger, well, when those days eventually come, I'll be praying still. You should pray for me too, because guess what? I can fall too. Nobody is perfect.

I  want to end this on a super sweet note, but the subject always gets side tracked. Um, sparkles? No, no, you'll get enough of that when we meet. Okay, okay. Just know this: I will be praying for you, and God has a good plan for you. If you don't get that now, you will eventually. Trust me.

Always be a light for those around you, and keep your eyes on the cross. If they're not there, I'll pray that you get them there. And then once you have that fixed into your brain, you can look at me. And you better. ;)

With love, Ashlee

✧sparkles, ashlee✧