Florida, Here We Come!


Sooo super excited for next week! I can't remember how much I've talked about Florida or Hunter's wish on this blog, but I find it hard to believe I haven't mentioned it at all. Anyway, thanks to Make•A•Wish we are heading down to Florida next week! It's a lot to get ready for! The purpose in this post is mainly to clarify some things for those asking. I'll go over the preparation, and if you're new - how this all works, our schedule, and where to find pics.


Two weeks ago we went on a big shopping trip as a family to Jordan Creek in Des Moines. We each had special things we needed, like Mom needed a swimsuit, so did Dad plus shorts, I outgrew all my shorts, needed an extra pair of capris, flip flops, etc. Hunter was the only who had everything, so he just got to buy whatever the heck he wants. Score for him, I guess...

Actually, I think I did pretty good on my end of spending money. 2 of the shorts we had were too small and we had the refund, so the new two shorts I got were free, and there were some pretty good deals on flip flops.

If you're new and wondering what's wrong with Hunter since I said Make•A•Wish, he has a lung disease called cystic fibrosis. He's doing good though, but we could always use the prayers.

Anyway, we have lots to do! I don't know if you could tell by the picture, but we have to mow, pack, get haircuts, and the list continues.

So here's the schedule...

This Sunday, we are heading to Des Moines where we'll stay the night. We talked about eating at the Machine Shed, and I would love that.

Then we have to be at the airport by four in the morning... Maybe I'll finally learn to love coffee, and since we land in Chicago for about three hours, I'm sure I'll have time to visit a Starbucks. Hahaha, I'll just get a shake. I'll be too busy shopping, I have forty some bucks saved, and the wish office gave us each fifty bucks for souvenirs so... I think another tank top would make a great souvenir huh???

That's probably out but whatevs. So we will fly in on Monday, and the hotel we stay at in Florida is pure luxury. I think it could be a vacation all by itself, so we'll probably spend some time exploring at the hotel by the pool and there's fitness rooms and FREE WIFI...

Then the second day we head to Discovery Cove the whole day. Swimming with dolphins is just one of the things we can do. They have beaches, food, lazy rivers, bird areas, snorkeling, etc.

The third day consists of a VIP tour at Seaworld. I do not know what that will include, but I'm excited for Seaworld all the same! Then the fourth day we have a choice of four Disney parks: the few that stuck out to me were Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Hunter is still making up his mind on those. 

Then, on our last full day, is a free day. If the weather stays nice, we've schedule a day long fishing trip on the ocean. The boat has a nice little place to hang out, so I can take breaks to post to social media! But I'll be fishing most of the time. I cannot wait!!

On Saturday we will come home, and I will catch up on any posting or blogging I have to do. And that's another thing. I actually will be bringing my computer, and my mom is bringing hers. I will try to blog a recap of the day when I check back into the hotel each night. I cannot guarantee anything, but I really hope to blog at least once. Otherwise, my private Facebook account and Instagram will have a bunch of photos. I'll put some on my page and Google+ too.

Thanks for all the support! I'm really excited and thankful that God blessed us with this trip!