Here's to Fall and a Bucket List


It's that time of year, and the seasons are changing! Before I start my fall bucket list, it's only necessary to go over the summer bucket list, so let's do it!

- swim more often
CHECK | We only went to our local pool once, but up when I was with my Gramps and Grams we swam lots, and my brother even learned how to go off the diving board.

- finish everything with book and begin querying
INCOMPLETE | This one... Yeah. It just didn't happen, and that's okay. I mean it though when I say I am almost done! (Mom, book printed please!)

- hang out more with friends
CHECK | It wasn't all the time, like maybe twice the whole summer, but it still happened...

- take Willy for lots of walks IN TOWN
INCOMPLETE | We said we were going to do this, and it never happened once. We took him to a park not far from us, but never in town. #Fail.

- grow my blog
CHECK | It's not where I want it yet, but it's getting there, and it takes patience. :)

- begin a new book
CHECK | I actually began two different stories. Before I actually decide on which I'm going to write next I like to write the first few chapters to see if I'm liking it or whatever.

- practice fitness & basketball
INCOMPLETE | Well, sorta. I did take Willy for lots of walks, and I have to believe that counts for something. But basketball? No. I wanted to, but it's just so hard when you live fifteen minutes out of town, and your driveway is made of rocks and gravel.

- go to the Tipsy House in Spirit Lake (again)
CHECK | Two different times, heck yes! Once with my Gramps and Grams, and another with my cousin!

- go to the Cities again
INCOMPLETE | It didn't happen this summer, but all hope is not lost because there is an event we have around October up there...

- read more into the Bible
CHECK | I've been doing lots of different devotionals that take me into it, and then some reading out of the Bible itself. It's actually amazing to see how something as little as 10 minutes in those can shape your attitude for the day.

- join Twitter
CHECK | And it is the best thing that ever happened to my blog.

- go to the Omaha zoo and see my other cousins down that way
INCOMPLETE | Danggit. I wish, but nope.

- travel more
INCOMPLETE | But next year we're going to Canada! I think it will be lots of fun, except there is no internet where we are staying danggit. So, I am going to buy 284 books on my Kindle to get me through the week + 727 notebooks for writing and possibly my entire room.

- visit an Okoboji beach
I went in the water and got my picture taken in one, does that count?

- go tubing
INCOMPLETE | Yeah, I wish.

- go in a hot air balloon
INCOMPLETE | What the heck was I thinking when I put this down? I mean I want to, but that is the most unpractical thing ever danggit.

- finish more Wattpad stories
INCOMPLETE | I just don't have time, but maybe one other day.

2015 Fall Bucket List

- visit the Pumpkin Farm again
- collaborate with other bloggers
- make the basketball team
- live through cross country
- go to more Iowa Wild hockey games
- go to a Minnesota Wild game
- go to the Cities gosh danggit
- go hunting and get my camo and gun and whatever else
- keep walking Willy
- go on a hay ride, haunted or not (but that's it for haunted stuff)
- go to a local football game with my friends
- watch a local high school girls' varsity basketball game
- take Willy to the lake or go fishing
- finish redoing my room *most unpractical thing ever
- get involved in our new church
- actually start querying ha
- trick or treat with my friends
- watch Mockingjay Part 2, and it better be good

Here's to it! I just completed my first week of school (it was only three days actually) without dying, so yay. I think I'm ready, and cross country I haven't died yet either, but my arms and my shoulders and my thighs and even my booty would disagree... I'll have more on sports stuff later, though. I know it will be a great year, and now I am going to spend time on this blog since I haven't lately. Catch ya later!