Hidden Talents


Here's another not-so-serious-but-fun post that you all can contribute in if you have a blog. List a maximum of 10 of your hidden talents that your readers probably won't know.


>> 1) Memorizing. I naturally am good with memorizing colors numbers (design stuff), passwords, and more. 

>> 2) Coding. Don't get me wrong, I have times when I want to rip my hair out because I am doing the code exactly like they say and it's not working. But most of the time, I end up figuring it out. I'm pretty good with technology.

>> 3) Photo software. This, once again, just comes naturally to me and I am able to understand and use the software easily to create my photos. 

>> 4) Planning & organization. I HAVE to make plans or I'll go nuts not being able to organize the information I need. For example, I've been doing some planning with my website, and I have to do lots of planning with costs, websites I'm ordering through, etc. And organization? I'll go nuts if I don't organize stuff either. Although, with my room this is not the case.

>> 5) Presenting. Yeah, I never saw this one coming. I stutter. I use the word "um" or "uh" constantly. I start a sentence and then totally slur it up or start another one in the middle of it. And I panic. Panic like crazy. But I have been told many times that I have a great speaking voice (Happy Opposite Day to you too) and that whenever I go up in front of the class everyone shuts up because they like what I present and how I do it. Once again, haha very funny, but if you say so! I've gotten enough compliments to the point where I feel confident when I present. But I still panic. Like crazy.

>> 6) Problem solving. I don't panic if I forget my pencil, or if I need to work out not going to my locker before the next class. I'll work it out somehow.

There's a few more, but they fall under the category "okay" and not really one of my "talents." Example: math. I'm not bad. But I'm not like I am with spelling, where I hardly ever have a problem with it. In fact, I have to talk to my math teacher tomorrow about something I'm confused on.

Now YOU tell me some of YOUR hidden talents! If possible, make them "there-is-no-way-she-knows-how-to-do-that-you're-kidding" as much as possible.