How Blogging Changes Your Life


I remember when I told you guys in some of my posts about blogging tips that blogging literally changes your life. It definitely does, both in good and bad ways. I thought I’d show you some from my personal experience. Actually, a lot of these are a mixture of good and bad.

Do you think you’re obsessed with photos? Oh, my gosh. You’ll see what an obsession really is.

Photo here, photo there. I need this photo for my blog. Crap, what photo goes with this post best? DANGGIT IT IS BLURRY. WHAT IS THIS LIFE.

Social media is suddenly super important.

You’ll care about the photos you post to Instagram. Twitter? You’ll suddenly need one of those. Facebook page? That too. And then you have to learn to post to best market your posts.

You’re constantly thinking of your blog.

I’ll be at a hockey game waiting in line for some popcorn, and I’ll just start thinking, “I wonder how my blog’s doing. I can’t wait to blog about tonight.” Then I also proceed to thinking about what I’m going to do with it in terms of design, different pages, you know. All that good stuff.

You’re constantly thinking of what to write about.

A person strolls by on their bike. I wonder if I could write about that…

You understand there are two types of things going on with your brain: you have way too many post ideas and don’t know where to begin, or you have absolutely none. And your brain would like to die thinking of any.

Oh, how I long for the days of too many post ideas. Today, I’m so desperate for some I’ve considered writing about dirt. Actually, I haven’t gone that far. Well, maybe there’s a post there…

You become a know it all. Hopefully, a nice one.

*somebody talks about creating a logo* Oh, I know how to do that! *somebody talks about starting a blog* Oh, I could write you a book on it. *somebody talks about how people can get paid to write about products* Duh, they’re called sponsored posts. Bloggers are great at them.

You become smarter without even realizing it.

Blog designs. CSS. Templates. SEO. Marketing. Traffic. Pageviews. Stats. Hashtags. A few of many terms that are now a part of your everyday thinking, and not just the terms - you know what they all are, too.

You actually learn quite a bit of life lessons.

Example: being creative, persevering through days of writer’s block and low stats, reaching out to other people, collaborating with other people, learning to spend money wisely, etc.

Your new life motto may as well be, “do it for the blog.”

I want Uggs for the blog. They’d look so cute in my photos. I need to change the font size for the blog. Nobody can read it. I need to take a picture here for the blog. I need to write this down for the blog. Buy it for the blog. I NEED TO BREATHE FOR THE BLOG (literally, actually, or there is no blog).

And now I need to write more posts for the blog. Enjoyed this post? You might also like: It’s a Blogger Thing! Fellow bloggers, what do you think? What changes your life when you start blogging? Anybody ready to have their life changed?!