How God Worked in 2015


2015 was amazing. It had many trials I never saw coming, but it also had a lot of moments where I saw God working that I didn't see coming. Let's go over it, shall we?



I moved my blog to Squarespace. That was the best decision EVER! Squarespace is an amazing company, they're easy to use, I mean it, God was looking out for me there by having me switch over. It's truly made my blogging journey so much easier. I also finished my book in December, so I had that to start working on.



I finished my 2014 basketball season and opened up about some thoughts I had with it. That was the first real time I was completely honest about something super controversial on my blog, and I love those posts.



I chatted with you all about my writing progress. I was almost done revising and was going to begin editing. I knew God had a plan, and I still believe that with my writing.



I went to a few hockey games, and I fell in love with hockey! I also wrote about the time I truly believe I encountered an angel! Last but not least, I opened up about some honest thoughts I had towards school. There seemed to be a good reaction to those honest posts, and it only boosted my confidence in blogging and sharing my story! It was also really neat to reflect on those thoughts later on. I truly believe that God wants me to be blogging, and I saw that more and more throughout the year.



My family went on an incredible trip to Orlando, Florida for my brother, Hunter, and his wish! He has cystic fibrosis, so Make-A-Wish granted him a wish! He chose to swim with dolphins, and we also got a VIP tour at SeaWorld, passes to the Disney parks, and we went deep sea fishing (we payed for that, it was on our free day). I thought it was perfect for Hunter since he really loves animals. It was so cool to see the dolphins and have our first real family vacation. The trip really inspired me to be thankful for this life. Read all about it here!



That summer, I worked really hard at reading more devotionals and getting closer to the Lord, I was working harder at figuring out my blogging brand, and I began editing my book after finishing revising! I shared all of that news here.

I also LOVED walking my dog "doog" Willy, and there is a gravel road by me that I just ADORE! This post tells you why and some of that fun.

At the end of June, I wrote a letter to a special someone...Prince Charming or my future husband! Then I went to Okoboji to Arnold's Park and got some photos for my headshots - thanks Gramps and Grams! June was a month full of dreams, family, and summer fun!



July was a little more intense but still a great month. First off, I came out and blogged about why I do everything with writing and blogging. I stayed two weeks with my Gramps and Grams who seriously are awesome, and I wrote a recap of it!

Towards the end of July, that's when something happened with one of my parents' job, and I never saw it coming. For some reason, it just never crossed my mind that what went wrong would go wrong. I was petrified at first, but then I remembered what God had been teaching me all summer. Now that I think about it, I really think He was trying to prepare me for that moment. I never thought it would make my family closer than what we were. I actually thought, OH MY GOSH!!! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!! (I think that when the air smells different or when I see a bee, though, so what does that tell you... You don't have to call me a drama queen *MOM*, you could just call me "over cautious" why don't ya?! The bees sting, and it could HURT!!!)

Anyway, we did come together, and I did have faith that the Lord would help us. We went to the races at Knoxville, one of our favorite things, and I wrote about its awesomeness. I also wrote about how racing ties in with life.



Based on everything I learned over the summer, I wrote one big post on why I truly believe it's a beautiful life. It's not full of sappy stuff, either. It's the real truth. I always try to make sure I'm keeping it real but also incorporating the hope of Jesus. I think God has helped me do that.

Towards the end of August, it was time for me to begin my 7th grade school year. I did something I hadn't posted before: I wrote a prayer about the school year.



I didn't get to blog much in September because the computer I got from school WAS CRAP, and it took awhile before I got a new one. I eventually wrote about something very important to me: showing your faith.



I finished cross country, I took lots of pretty pictures, I wrote about starting basketball (and a basketball wish list!), and I wrote about entering a writing contest. See it all here!



Basketball started up, and I wrote a letter to myself about it.



I finished revising and editing my book, so I began the final critiques. I also shared my entire journey of finishing my first novel. Then I wrote a post I knew I needed to about why I believe in God. Those were only basic reasons and only my top five. I plan to do many more posts over the science behind God. I read lots of different articles and books this year to educate myself, and I'm not stopping there.

I also discovered what Christmas is about, since our entire generation had me confused. I thought it was the red cups from Starbucks, I mean come on! 

It was a GREAT year, and God is so amazing. I'm going to give Him even more glory and sparkles in 2016, just you wait!!! Thank you bunches for tuning in, I'd love to see your year in review! Leave a comment below!