How Racing is Like Life


Things don't always go as planned. Sometimes the car will flip, or something else just isn't right. You just have to fix it and keep on going, and do the best you can with God.


In racing, you can't give up, and it's the same with life. Some seasons are awesome, the car is working great, you're faster than ever, and it is just the best time ever for you. But sometimes, it doesn't add up. It's one thing after another with the car, you don't finish a race, etc. You can't give up. When something breaks, you have to fix it and then get back out there. Sometimes you won't finish the race - that's why you come back. Sometimes the crashes are so bad you have to take a break. Well, it's the same in life. You do the best you can with God, and sometimes it is one thing after another. Keep going. When you don't finish the race, come back next time. Sometimes you have to take breaks in life and wait for God to help you and guide you. That's okay. The good seasons don't last forever, but neither do the bad.

Everyone needs to have hobbies and embrace them. My family has been enduring some trials recently, and a night at Knoxville was good for us. Racing is something we all like to watch, and the boys like to be in on the action too (helping in the pits, not driving, just to be clear). It's important to have things that you like, and it's even more important to work at them. Writing is my hobby, and it helps me a lot. I have quite a few posts in my drafts saved that aren't ready to be published yet, but they help ME. They help me relieve stress by both writing and reading them. Eventually I'll tell you about the trials, I just don't feel like it's the right time now.


Sometimes the races get rained out. Sometimes we miss an opportunity in life. Maybe you get rejected from something you wanted, you screwed up with something in your life, etc. It's okay, because God has good plans for us. Even when we screw up, even when it feels like something we wanted was "rained out" and so on, God will forgive us and give us second chances. He has plans for every one of you, good ones, and no man can stop them in this world.


The races are better when you're with someone, even if that's just one person. It's the same with life. Family is the most important thing under God. Spend time with them and have fun, even when things don't go right. At the end of the day, they're what matters most besides your relationship with God.


People will make you mad when you are racing. Maybe you encounter someone who is a poor sport, someone plain cocky and ignorant, etc. Wouldn't you just love to ram your car into them, or from the stands, see them flip five million times? Oh yes, I just said that. Harsh, I know. Obviously you can't do that (and if you do then you are one of the people who people would like to ram their car into, but notice how they don't). I encounter plenty of mean people and cocky people all over when it comes to the internet, sports, etc. "You just missed your shot, get with it!" *shoots at head, bonk* "Oh yeah, you're right. Sorry about that. I'll get with it and get you some ice." Okay, that never happened, no one said that to me, and I'd never do that. But you get the idea. You just have to be the light and aim the basketball a foot away, just to freak them out... Then yell to watch where they're standing. I just turned that into basketball, whoops.


Sometimes it's loud, and you need ear plugs. There's no point to tie in with life except for the fact you need to buy ear plugs if you're a wuss like me. Ugh, my ears literally bleed without them.


Sometimes the races can get long and boring. If you're gonna wreck, then I want to see flips. No more of this yellow crap. You hit the wall, oh boy. Keep going. Is it that I know nothing, but why do they have to slow down for that? One time a car just hit the wall not even hard at all! I mean, really. Anyway, sometimes it seems you can get stuck in life, too. You might have thoughts like I don't know what I want my life to be, none of my dreams are coming true, so now what do I do, I just bounced off the wall a little, and I'm just gonna make everyone slow down now because I have nothing better to do. These are times when you have to ask God for guidance, take a risk and make something happen (according to His will, of course), or you just need to enjoy life where you are. Although please, not from the stupid wall. I just can't take that anymore.


In life, you need to save money, so that you can go to the races and blow it on the amazingly delicious 100% perfect investment chicken. I learned this the hard way unfortunately. If you can't get the chicken, may as well get the cookies. Oh, the cookies. The pizza isn't too bad either. Except for when a stupid wasp lands on it. Am I going to swallow a needle now or some sort of wasp pee? No but really, it's important to save. I've got a shopping weekend coming up with my bestie, and I'll probably have ten bucks left over. Well, that's something...


Okay, I'm done racking my brain for intelligent things to say. The bottom line is this: the races are a fun time, and so is life. Except for when it's not *ahem, people who tap the wall and make everyone slow down*. You can still choose to go to the races and have fun even when life chucks trials at your head. You can still choose to buy chicken when everyone's twirling around the track *ahem, MOM* so yeah. I'm going to sign off now and pray I get back on Saturday, but I think I'm busy. It'll probably be another two years before I get that chicken. Oh, and the best things come through. At the end of the race you get to go in the pits and meet your favorites or wish you were in bed. So at the end of the race comes your bed. See, all the best things. And if you win, you get trophies and money and publicity. And if you lose, you still get your bed. It all works out.