How to Use Social Media for God's Glory

On Monday, I blogged about the problems with the media and how to react to them. Today, I'm going to share with you how you can do your part and be a light for God on social media. I won't be able to cover every single network out there but some of the big ones.

On Facebook

Share what's important, and know your audience. You do not need to over share, you do not need to brag, and you do not need to be fake. Be real, and share what matters. Isn't that what it's for?

On Twitter

Promote something you are working on, or socialize with your friends. I'm done with sub tweeting, which means you're basically calling someone out without using their name. [Example: Your blah blah blah is getting super annoying. Just stop.] They're not exactly calling anybody out, but they're meaning for a certain person to hear it. People call it gossip on Twitter, and I'd have to agree with that! It's pointless, and the people who do it are just asking for attention.

On Instagram

Promote something you are working on, or like Facebook, know your audience and what they want from you. No more of this showing off, please. Also, no more 200 selfies. One more thing: you do not need Instagram unless you are at least sixth grade, and the only exception is if you are known for a product or something. I don't want to be a hypocrite, but most kids my age (and some even older) shouldn't have it because they are so immature on it. I don't use it like the typical kid in my grade - I have a blog, books, and I use my social media to promote/share that. I also am very careful about what I share that's not related to that. I'm not saying I have it all figured out, or I'm the only kid who can have it, but kids my age do need to think about what they share.

As far as I'm concerned? Selfies, squad pictures, the occasional look what I just got. That's literally about it. Oh, don't forget the #mcm's and #wcw's to their "boyfriends" and "girlfriends". Those are my absolute favorites. [For those who think I'm serious, I don't agree with dating at my age. Got a little sarcastic there...]

On Pinterest

Pin only what you NEED [like clothes or home decor], stuff/something you WANT TO DO [like writing resources if you want to write a book or travel things], or SOMETHING YOU LIKE and are saving for a REASON [like a powerful quote or a shade of a color]. Don't pin just to pin, or it's pointless. It's supposed to be a resource. Also, monitor your time on that site. I'm serious. You could easily waste two hours pinning things you may never even do or look at again.

Bottom Line

Just be a light for God. You're not perfect, you do not need to have it all figured out, just do your best to portray your faith. People will notice if you're trying. [See also: why you should and how to show your faith!] 

Did I miss any main social medias? Did I miss any tips? Do you agree with how I think you should use it?