I Found the Design + How to Find Yours


Ever found what some would call the perfect blog design, the one that represents you and your blog perfectly? After redesigning my blog 47628 times I feel like I've finally found the one. First I'll tell you why and a little bit of that process, and then I'll share some tips to help you find your perfect blog design. And we all know they'll never be perfect. I can never guarantee how long a blog design of mine will be up. But even if I do change it, I still want it to represent me, and here's some tips for that.

What this blog design includes that I LOVE and that represents ME:


Obviously I love pink, so that was a necessity. Then I have a gold like color incorporated with it. Gold isn't one of my favorite colors in real life, but for the design, it couldn't be better! I love how the gold goes nicely with the background image. It just fits, and I needed something to help limit all the black!


I am obsessed with the font Raleway, which is what you're reading now. I have loved Raleway ever since I wanted a website, and I don't know if that will ever change! The script font I love is Carolyna Black, I had it for my first blog design. Unfortunately somehow I got it free, but now it costs like $80, and for some reason it won't show up when I'm designing images, so I have to use the old images I created for my blog. For now, I'm mainly just sticking with Raleway!


I wanted something simple with sparkle, of course. The sparkle makes all the difference because it is SPARKLES by Ashlee!

Background Image

I made my background image using some of my favorite pictures. I made five different collages and then put them all together. I did not think it would turn out as well as it did, and I love it! This blog is about my life and my dreams and my faith, and so I wanted my life to somehow be a part of the design!

Page Designs

I used some of my old images to do the design for my about page, and I love it! Also, the best ofs page is so much better! I owe that to one of the amazing workers at Squarespace! I had a problem, so we were live chatting, and she suggested that! Go see for yourself the new layout! Oh, and if you want to search/browse the archives/take a button/etc. visit the extras page! I love the rollover images that I recently found out how to do!

So, when finding your perfect design, it comes down to three simple things.

WHAT REPRESENTS YOU AS A PERSON? I love pink, photography, and I'm the type of person who likes to display my images. So the Aviator template was the perfect choice for that since it offered a background image and simple pages to go on top! That was just an example, but that's how I got myself into my blog design!

WHAT REPRESENTS YOUR BLOG? Obviously sparkles for me, and I want my blog to be about my life and dreams. I didn't do overkill with the sparkle, but it's there! I also love the gold incorporated because it went well with the imagery I put in!

WHAT IS YOUR DESIGN STYLE? While I drove myself nuts and worked really hard doing ten million different blog designs, I wouldn't regret it because with each design I learn what works and what didn't. It's helped me figure out what I look for to consider a blog design "perfect" and such. I have learned that I like my blog posts to be the center of it and bold. My first design on Blogger was my favorite besides this one, and if Squarespace had an option like that I would consider going back to it. My blog posts were right there, and there was still room for images that I liked on the sidebar, and they were wide. This template has my blog posts taking up the entire page, and there's a background image displaying my favorite images. I've learned that I like to display my blog posts and have imagery be a big part of things. Maybe your design is just simple with pops of color - everyone's different!

I hope this will help YOU to create your "perfect" blog design, and leave comments with any questions or areas you need help with; I'd be glad to help out or even do another post about this! And if you've already found the "perfect" blog design I'd love to hear about it! Happy designing!