I Want to Hear Your Thoughts | Reader Survey


Today’s post is not as exciting as others, BUT don’t exit out yet because instead of me doing all the talking today, I want to hear from YOU. I know over the course of my blogging I’ve done probably a million random surveys and you’re all sick of them by now, but this is one survey—if you never take one again—I would REALLY APPRECIATE if you could take! Your answers greatly help me improve this blog because I want you to enjoy reading my content. And to do that, I have to know what exactly it is you want to hear about. If you could take the time to answer this reader survey I’ve put together, I would love it so much. Then I promise I will write about all the other fun stuff you want to hear about. ;)

To take this survey, you don’t have to go to any other site because I’ve made it right here in this post! Thank you all again so much for reading and helping me with this!!

First things first, how long have you been reading this blog? *
And how often do you read this blog? *
How do you hear about new posts? *
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What are your favorite types of blog posts to read? *
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Okay, if you made it this far and submitted all of that, THANK YOU, really! I know you probably find these annoying, but I’m not lying when I say that they really do help me. Obviously I want to inspire and entertain you all when I write, and I can write about what I want as much as I want to, but if it doesn’t entertain or resonate with you all, it’s not as valuable to me, and your feedback helps me greatly in deciding what future content I will put out in the future. So thank you again!! Sparkles and prayers for all of you!! <3 Thanks for reading and supporting!