In the Midst of Complex Problems

There are an innumerable amount of problems in this society, and as I grow up, I realize how complex some of these really are. You know, when you're young, it's so easy to just say something and then be on your way, even with faith. It's so easy to just say something like to trust God, but then you get older, and there's so much complexity with those things.

And sometimes I can't even explain it. As I've gotten older, I've had to battle a lot of sadness, and it wasn't as easy for me in my faith as it was when I was young. I don't know, maybe I've just gotten more cynical as I've gotten older, but that's what happens when reality of these problems settles in, I suppose.

I took a college class that was all about social problems in the world. They're big, broad topics that people have different opinions on because there's endless paths and decisions to be made that may or may not work to solve each problem. And the thing is, people actually believe in this world that one decision is what it takes to solve complex issues. Like, just pass this law and it'll solve that, or if we all would just do this, then it will be fixed. But there are some situations that just aren't so clear cut.

I have a blog post, actually, sitting in my drafts called "The Deep Answers." It still needs a lot of work, especially since it's controversial, as it addresses some heated topics that are prevalent in society right now.

But basically, that's why I've become so interested in psychology, too. Humans are complex and tainted by sin, so there's always going to be tough issues. As I've gotten older, I'm more aware of these, and there's this place in my heart that has a sort of emptiness in it as a result. I don't know how to describe it; maybe it's best described like an overwhelming urge to try and solve problems that hurt so many people, yet knowing there's not an easy solution or a quick path to take to achieve the wanted results.

Sometimes I get so depressed about this. It really sucks when you're doing everything you can to try and make a situation better, but it just doesn't work. And part of the reason why I think situations have become so complex is because nowadays as a society, we try to look for as many solutions as possible without involving God.

And that's a mess. It's essentially expecting to solve the world's problems without involving the world's Creator, and it's a dumb idea. Secular people can criticize that all they want, but where has leaving Him out gotten us? I always love it when I read some scientific article that will highlight an experiment, survey, or something along those lines, and then it comes to this conclusion that's been spelled out in the Bible and Morals 101, and they sound SO surprised by it, like this is SUCH a discovery. Maybe, just maybe, the Creator of the world knows what He's doing? Just maybe. I'm being sarcastic, which I don't normally like to be, but again, that's where leaving God out has gotten us, where we're actually surprised when we discover that doing the right thing is, well, the right thing!

And perhaps there's a certain point where we can maybe get too involved. Maybe while we're too busy trying to do all the works in solving these problems, we should humble ourselves, admit we don't have all the answers, and trust God for the wisdom.

That's the thing about this culture nowadays. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone believes they have to have the right answer. We can't ever say we don't know, because that makes us look stupid.

But the fact is, there are things we don't know. There are horrible situations that have a lot of solutions—they're not easy fixes. And we need God's wisdom in how to go about solving these, because of course we need to do our part. But then again, there is a point, too, where we need to realize how we need Him to lead us.

It's been said that if you look at your problems for too long, you'll become depressed. Trust me, I know this from experience. Many, many experiences. Try reading my journal from eighth grade—one day I'm sobbing, two days later I'm on some emotional high, and then the next day we're back to crying again. Maybe that's hormones? Maybe that's circumstances? Maybe that's a VARIETY of things.

I don't have all the answers. But I think the important thing that we have to do is to humble ourselves enough to turn to the One who does. He won't leave us hopeless. In fact, I've learned, once again from trial and error, that usually when I don't go to God first, when I just let my emotions have complete control, I'll end up feeling worse. So then after my little breakdown, THEN I'll find the peace. It's like the calm after a storm quite literally. I really like that feeling, though. Maybe I cry just so that I can have that feeling? Who knows, but I do know that there is sadness in the world, duh. I won't go on reiterating that, because anyone can see that.

But instead of being so defiant and so strong willed about every thing as if we all have the answers trying to reach perfection (which will never happen, something I also chuckle at when people attempt), maybe there's a point where we need to surrender. Not surrender as in giving up on hard issues. But surrender to God, who, ultimately, will handle these situations so much better if only we'd give Him the chance to step in with His perfect power (Ephesians 6:10). We can't do it all.

"Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power." That's the verse I put up above.

As I go through the mental storms in my head overwhelmed by what to do in life, that's just the reminder I needed for tonight.

Ashlee Mae