Into the Past


I am so excited because next week on Sparkles by Ashlee is going to be really fun!

I'm changing up the topics a bit. Next week, you'll really get to take a look at more on me, and my whole changing the world thing. Here's what will happen...

First I'll get into some flashbacks on how I started out and when I first had this goal. Then, I'll do some fun link-ups and possibly a giveaway of past {good} memories that we've all had. And finally, I'll show you that my life wasn't all sunshine and unicorns once upon a time. 

It'll be a fun week, and since a post isn't good without pictures, then I'll leave in my little review of my awesome new blog planner!

Stars: 5/5

Planner Designed by Heart & Arrow Design ||

Planner Designed by Heart & Arrow Design ||

Okay I LOVE this thing! It came in the mail today, and I'm already filling the space up! Let me tell you about it. This planner has fifty-three sheets, which is over a year. Each sheet counts for one week plus the weekend. There is a space for you to write the week date at the top, and then you can jot down your blog post ideas for Monday, Tuesday, etc. You can also check off if you need to add images, edit the post, and what social media networks you need to share it on.

Not only am I using this for blogging, I'm also writing down the chapters I need to type in a day. On the weekends, there is a little box for the ideas and adventures you have over that period. I love this because now when I schedule stuff for next week I will be able to go back and look at those ideas I have.

At the end of the page, there are two more boxes. The first is a mini to do list. I've wrote down stuff like work on website, look into this, etc. And the second box is called "Blog-Spiration." This is where I am writing down post ideas for next week.

I totally recommend this for any bloggers. If you check out her shop, she also sells regular planners where you can plan out your day hour by hour.

And did I mention how much I love her packaging?!

Anyway, thank you all for YOUR support! Please keep sharing the blog, it means so much to me. I love getting on my blog every day, so thank you guys.