It's a Beautiful Life


There's a post idea I've had in mind for awhile, but I didn't come back to it until tonight. My cousin Amanda came down to my house with Gramps and Grams, and they'll be here until Friday. Tonight Hunter, Willy, me, and Amanda (who is now the new recruit of my photography team, that's not a good thing) went out to take photos. I saw this quote one time that said "Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing." It's true, even when you think it isn't. The point of this post? To show you hope and refresh your attitude. To show you that this life is worth living, and it's worth standing up for what you believe in.


First of all, how many of you have some sort of problem in your life? If you don't, then it's probably pretty easy for you to say, "Well of course Ashlee, it is a beautiful life." Bad times, bad things, and dark feelings are inevitable, though. You may say, "Oh, I'm doing fine, we'll be fine, everything's working out." That can change in an instant. All it takes is an instant for you to receive bad news whether that be a death, job loss, financial problem, and the list is continuous. You might say something like, "I know bad things will come, but I'll be fine, I have my faith." That is true to a point. Some problems you will feel that way, but let me tell you...

There will be problems where it just sucks. Life sucks. The world seems to be clouded in a haze for you. God doesn't make sense, why the problem is happening makes no sense, and truthfully, you might just ask "What's the point? What is the dang meaning of life?" Kind of getting off topic here, but over spring break a few months ago, I watched a movie. A sad, moving movie, and I was upset about life. I know, it's a movie, I need to get a grip. It was just thoughts about death and purpose, and I was just sad. I wasn't depressed or anything, and I quickly resumed back to normal a few days later, but when I don't understand something: I like to ponder it and think my way through it. 


I realized that life is definitely worth living. There's a bunch of crap, obviously. This nation is headed downhill so fast it's ridiculous and kind of scary. Faith is overlooked, and it seems everywhere around you people are just existing and living shallow lives. I realized something: I don't want to do that. I want to do more than just exist - I want to show what matters and prove it. I want to leave some sparkle on the world that shines to my faith. 

There have been trials in my life recently. First we were struggling with more car issues, and I had to learn not to worry so much and focus on MY problems. Now we got devastating news a week ago. Truthfully, I was freaked out, but I quickly snapped out of that. What I have learned over the years in my faith has taught me this: Things work out. They do. I've always learned we need to live for the moment. I know that probably sounds cheesy, and I'm not saying to never make plans, but you can't be so absorbed in everything wrong with the world. There are so many topics that have been discussed in the world over the last two months I don't agree with it's unbelievable. I could get mad and be like, well, this country will always be insane, there's no use blogging or anything because no one will listen to me anyways.

Yes, the country will always be insane. We'll all always be insane. It's a screwed up world. That doesn't mean I am going to sit around all day and sulk. There's still people with faith who want to be a light. God still promised to come back for us, and until then, the world still has good to offer! The sunsets, the clouds, the memories and the moments, even the people sometimes... We're all sinful. Unfortunately, some people don't care and continue to make bad decisions.

I am sinful, okay? I am truly an idiot sometimes. We all are. I'm not always going to be right all the time, but I refuse to sit around and never change! Jesus died for me to give me hope for this world so that when I died I wouldn't burn in hell and that I would also know God on a personal level, and I'm not going to waste that opportunity! You are here once. Trials will come, some people are rich, some aren't, it really doesn't matter as long as you're rich in faith. If you have faith, you can and will get through anything. You will have a good life if that's what you choose and choose to live a life for God. It's a choice, and I choose to not give up. If Jesus hasn't come back yet, that means there's still more work for us. Trials will come, it sucks, but I'm not giving up. I'm ready to join the fight.


And I'm gonna WIN hahaha! I may have pushed him ^, but only because he wouldn't stop kicking me! Really though, we will win. It's a fallen world because God gave us free will, and we blew it. That doesn't mean we have to keep blowing it. One of these days I would like to do a post over WHY I believe in God. I'm not a scientist, but I don't need to be. I love what Joyce Meyer says, "This works for me," but more to come on that. I also know that people will have an opinion now matter how clear He can be.


I am thankful though. I am thankful to witness all the beautiful scenic things, and I am thankful for all the memories I've made with my family. I'm thankful that God loves me enough to give me a chance at this life. HE created all of this, and it's been pretty dang sweet. The world needs our light now more than ever, so I'm not going to back down. If God sent His son for me, then I'm going to make sure everyone knows that. If I could help one person that would be awesome. So yes. It's a beautiful life. You need to stop, look around, count your blessings, and sometimes reminisce. It's not fair to hate life just because of your circumstance. It's all attitude. I've always found if you believe life is beautiful, it will be beautiful. Just like if you believe in God and His Word and study it, it's going to be applied to you for your benefit.


This post talks more about hope and reward and why we need to be a light. Also, this post "Racing is Like Life" basically just talks about life in general, and how again, we don't need to worry. It also talks about how you can persevere through life in the midst of trials, and really you just need to go to Knoxville because it's a good place.


Enjoy life, trust in God like He TELLS you to, and be a light when needed. Don't be quiet and just say "Oh, it's always been like this." Well, maybe not anymore if you add YOUR voice. As this movie that I sobbed over said, "It's a good life." Yeah it is. That movie was The Fault in Our Stars by the way. Oh my gosh. They didn't mention a whole lot of God, and it was probably a typical Hollywood film, but at least that one had some truth to it. You can still have a good life. You only get one, so I'd hope you'd make it good. Remember: this isn't our forever home to those who believe that Jesus died for our sins and was God and His son. Know that something greater awaits you, and choose to be happy about that tonight.


Nighty night everyone.