It's a Blogger Thing


Bloggers are the only ones who know how to use Disqus or comment at all for that matter. Maybe the occasional reader does too but mainly bloggers. "Nobody knows how to comment on your blog." Bloggers can, you can't. "You need to use something other than Disqus, Disqus sucks." Actually, that's what bloggers recommend. How simple does it have to be? Create an account with them or sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google. You can even be a guest! If you want me to make commenting hard, I'll turn the default system on.

We endure the most awkward conversations about our blogs and what we do. "What the heck is a blog?" Oh you know... Just kind of like a website except where I basically talk about my life and stuff bloggers do like explaining this. "What?" 

We take pictures of everything and post them to everything. "Why are you taking pictures of the sky?" Because it's pretty... "Why are you posting it?" So others can see it, duh! "Wait, didn't you already post that picture of the sky?" Yeah, to Twitter. Now I have to post it to Instagram and Snapchat and maybe even Facebook. "Seriously, why are you taking pictures of your food?" BECAUSE WE ARE BLOGGERS, AND THAT IS WHAT WE DO!!!

We torture our family into being our photographer. *mom takes picture* "Mom! It's so blurry what the heck? Try again please!" *takes another* "Okay, no. I look dumb. Let me re position my hair." *takes another* "Nope, I need to try a new pose." *again* "Aw, it's blurry again!" *and one last time results in either* "Perfect! Thank you!" or "Just forget it!" Sorry, Mom and Grandma. Love you anyways.

Domains, navigation, sponsorship, link ups, branding, all blogger words.

Only we know the difference between blog platforms. "What does it matter, Wordpress or Blogger?" "Why can't I start with Wordpress, oh, it's not free?" "You said Squarespace was free!" "What the heck does hosting mean, don't I have to do that for Blogger too?" "Why are you using Squarespace?" "Wait, I don't own my content with Wordpress? Oh, that's Blogger? Why not?" "Why do some cost?" "How come you have to do this with Wordpress but not Squarespace or Blogger?" "Why are there so many?!?!"

Nobody understands our investments. "Why are you buying your blog platform, why don't you use Blogger if it's free?" "Why are you hiring a blog designer, why can't you design your blog yourself?" "Wait, you're paying for sponsorship? So, you're like, buying followers?"

Social media? Forget it. "Why do you need all of that, I mean you have like Facebook, Twitter, Plus Google, Interest, and Photogram?" It's called promotion, and that leads to... "Well, why can't you just promote with Plus Google or Photogram? Why add in Twitter and Facebook and Snapback?" *they also pronounce everything wrong

And hashtags too. "What the heck is a hashtag? I saw your photo on Photogram, and there were like fifty million words with number signs before them, and I don't get that like what the heck is a hashtag, and why the heck do you need them?"

Twitter is one of the most insulted social medias, and it's also one of the best for bloggers. "Why do you use that dumb Tweeter? What do you even tweet about? Do you even have followers on there, no offense but who wants to read your short little 140 character thoughts? Promotion? How do you promote with Twitter? It's the hashtags isn't it? You know, Twitter sucks. You'd be better off using Snapback."

- Even though they have no idea what we do why we do with all the social media and such, they're still impressed. "Why does your blog design look so nice? How do you get all those likes on photos? Why does your Photogram look so nice? How'd you get that many followers so quickly on Tweeter? How did you do all those codes?"

And they'll try their best to support you. "Ashlee, you have 5 likes on Photogram! The usernames are unicorns_rock_827...? And everlastingrosesparkle...?"

I still love you family, thanks for trying your best to support me. Blogging is a hard hobby to keep up with. And just for your records: Snapback = Snapchat, Tweeter = Twitter, Photogram = Instagram, and I don't even know why I'm trying to explain this. #itsabloggerthing