January Goals: God Will Work


Yesterday I announced my goals for 2016, and through the 12 months, I will be breaking those down into things I work on each month to make that goal a reality. I know God will get me through whatever is His will. Here is what I'm going to start working on in January!


Do my best in basketball.

If you tuned in yesterday, you'd know I have mixed emotions about playing basketball, but regardless I want to do my best this month and not be so hard on myself.


Utilize social media more.

I think being active on social media is a great way to grow a blog and interact with others genuinely! I want to start interacting more with others on Twitter and Instagram, and I always want to be authentic when I do it. Blogging is a community, and I want to meet other bloggers!


I want to do a survey on here asking some questions that will help me determine what my second novel should be.

Check back later this week to see what I'm talking about!


Finish my prayer log.

I just started typing prayers for my prayer log, and I'm doing a few per day! Each day I reflect on what I wrote and pray to God about that stuff. Once I'm totally done, I'm just going to pray over all of the topics I wrote about, and then I'll add prayers and such when I need to or when I want to reflect on one.


I want to start saving money.

My blog payment is due soon, but I'll have some money left over. There won't be a lot, but I need to start saving anyway. It's gotta start somewhere!


Transfer my books onto their new shelf.

That is step one of operation redo my room. It's actually not that hard, I just need to find the time to do it. Then I'm getting rid of this other shelf. There will be so much more room!!


Finish editing my book on paper.

This is totally doable, I'm already almost done! Once again, I just have to make the time, and I'm praying God will help me with that.

And that does it! These may seem like pretty small goals, but they're going to make a big impact later on my yearly goals! What are your January goals?!