Just Hanging Out—The Little Things

Hey everyone—I apologize for my absence on the blog this week! I've actually been writing and working on a DETAILED blog post that should be up this week :) It's longer than my normal ones and has a lot of images, so that's why there's been a delay in posting it.


I'm loving that it's the weekend and finally bringing warm weather. Here in Iowa, we've only just started seeing nice temperatures. And I am totally embracing it because I LOVE SUMMER! I'm waiting on the arrival of two new pairs of sandals, and I just received two new tanners; one is your traditional self-tanner, and the other is an airbrush bronzer type thing that sprays on. I tried it last night on my shoulders, which for whatever reason can never catch up to the rest of my body's skin shade, and it really works!! I was worried it would look orange and fake, but it took my breath away at how natural it was! So I'm definitely looking forward to using that.

My grandparents came down for the weekend, and today we've all just been hanging out. Sometimes we sit outside, and other times we just sit in the kitchen, talking and going on the internet. It's these relaxing times that I cherish. I'm perfectly content with them.

We also had our first major storm of the season, and I LOVE STORMS, too! Although we ended up being in a tornado warning, and that made me realize that while tornadoes are fun to watch on TV (when they're not hurting anyone...), I don't think I need to see one in person! I ended up searching my room for all my journals just in case we had to go downstairs because they're not replaceable, and I love my journals. But wow, I didn't realize how many journals I had. It also brought back memories of the past when Dad would just stand outside watching the storm (would love to know what it is with men doing this because my friends say their dads do the same thing). I used to be terrified of storms, but Dad was the one who taught me about weather, and then I enjoyed standing outside watching the sky turn into a mess of fury.

And in terms of science classes, weather became the most interesting topic for me. I loved learning about it. And also, Twister is my favorite movie of all time. :)


Yeah, I only have a few journals...

Also, another little thing I must share—I got a new computer case that is GORGEOUS, if I do say so myself. It's rose gold (a new trend I'm head over heels for) and sparkly, two of my favorites.


It was a good day that reminds me to be content and thankful for the life I have. How about you all?

Ashlee Mae