Let's Catch Up


While you hold your cup of dishwater * ahem, coffee * I'll stick to my sundae while we do this little virtual drink dishwater around the table and talk about life type of deal. Because this is what I like to do, at twelve in the morning, when my grandma is begging me to go to sleep.

Excuse my horrible lack of writing.  Seriously, why have I done such a horrible job? I love blogging. I just edited a super pretty picture when it hit me.

Okay, grab your cups of dishwater, I'll be in the minority again, and we'll all talk about life. I'll start the conversation here, and then you keep it going in the comments. Ready?

A lot of kids in my school ask me questions like "Is your book published yet?" etc. etc. I really like how kids actually remember that I'm trying to publish a book and they ask, but alas... No. It's not published yet. I think there's some confusion between finishing a book and actually getting it published. Just because I am done with it does not mean it's going to go get shipped off and prettied up. As much as I wish that would happen * because revising sucks * it's not going to. I have to make it pretty myself, so it actually can get shipped off. Writing term for that: revising.

I am almost done revising, though. Then comes editing. Editing should not take me long. And after editing comes more revising + read throughs, which I call perfecting. Then, when all of this is done, I have to do some homework by writing out summaries, query letters, etc. Then I have to make a list of agencies I'd like to beg to buy my book. Then I wait for rejections. Millions of them. Our mailbox will break. I'm trying to be super negative here and prepare myself for the worst. Maybe then it won't happen, or maybe our mailbox will seriously explode off its post.

Let's transition to blogging now. I've been lacking horribly to keep my posts close together. Again, I know there are no when I have to blog rules, but I'd definitely love to blog more. It's hard though, because I want my content to be meaningful - and that requires some effort. You have to revise content just like a book. You also have to edit the images just right, and blah blah blah. It's worth it to me, though.

I'm excited for some new summer blogging activities I have planned. They are still a surprise, but I might start giving hints through my newsletters. I will be blogging more, promise! This is not an end, but simply a beginning.
with love, ashlee*