Let's Talk About Willy


Back this spring, I did a post all about my "doog" Willy. I thought it was time we did a part two of his life story, what do you say? Yeah, of course you say yes to something about him...

First thing you need to know... He's gotten huge and loves to trample the crap out of everyone. Especially in the car. I so appreciate that...


He's also figured out the whole us leaving in the car thing. Now when he gets in the car...he's not coming out.


He will not take pictures with me, so I can only take pictures of him... He's arrogant, I know. He must be the only one in the photo.


Forget toys, water bottles are what's in right now.


And sticks. Preferably ones that are twice the size of your dog.


Remember the whole not taking pictures with me? I've found his weakness. I just pull him up by me when he's sleeping, and wah la. Although he always cuddles at the gosh dang feet, and do you know how much work it is trying to get him up by my face?! One grouchy dog and a hernia later...


So do we remember the two things that are in right now? Yes, water bottles and sticks. There's also a third to that list, and it's pop can boxes (that are empty, of course, but he's tried to get one still carrying pop).


This next photo is priceless.


One time, he just PLOPPED RIGHT DOWN on my book ideas AS I WAS WRITING... He may be very friendly, but he's also very selfish and does not understand these things called boundaries and personal space.


Willy, you see, actually helps me write this blog. So any of the crap you find, it's his fault - I'm just saying.


Close ups are the best...


For some dumb reason, he has to have his leash in his mouth. Otherwise you have to tell him to "leave it" every five seconds. I'm not even kidding about that.


He's doing so good hunting!!


He also loves retrieving still, and he does amazing!


So there's Willy's life lately. Did I mention he also gained another fifty nicknames? He probably doesn't even know his real name anymore... Stay tuned for part three next spring!