Letters for You


Today I decided to do a not-so-serious post and do something pretty random and fun. I saw this on another blog and I knew that when I had my own blog it was something I wanted to post. So today I have letters for everyone! If you decide to do a post like this on your blog be sure to comment the link so I can read it. :)


Dear Most Important Person in My Life (God),


 Words cannot begin to express how much I love you and I write and have this blog because of You. Thanks for always listening to me, caring for me, and planning my existence from Day 1. And most of all, thank you for Jesus. I will do my best to change people for the better. It's my mission, and it will be my mission until I come home to You.


I Love You!

Your Daughter, Ashlee


Dear Family (Mommy, Daddy, Hunter, Grandparents, Cousins, Etc.)


 You are one of the greatest gifts I have and I am very blessed to have a family who loves me as much as you do, and supports me in (almost) everything. Once you get me that laptop we'll be good K? KIDDING. Kidding. But seriously. It's only a thousand dollars. ;) Ok ok. I love you all sooooooooo much and I know I can get moody sometimes, so thank you for still bearing with me. What else is there? I love you times 1 million. Billion. Trillion. Continue on.


Much XO's,



Dear Friends,


 I am very grateful for every one of you. You cheer me up, make me laugh, and I know I can always count on you. Yes we most definitely have our bad days, but that's gotta be what makes us stronger. Thank you guys for loving me for who I am. I love you all (in a FRIEND way) too. :)






Dear Blog,


 So far I am pretty happy with you and how this is going. I've gotten a lot of pageviews pretty quick. The last time I was on here I had about 500 total but today I had over 750. I can't tell if it's just me whenever I hit "View Blog" or my family or if random people are reading this. I am very thankful to everyone who reads my blog but I do hope that maybe I will get some new readers. Like, people I don't know. I want as much readers as possible because I have to spread the word here. Anyway, lately I have been horrible with posting which you'd think I'd want to constantly. And I do. But school is LONG and when I'm at home I don't usually feel like typing. I hope I can get better at that because one thing I've learned is when you want readers, you need to post more than just once a week. Unless you can't help it. But I'm choosing not to.
 I'm really loving my blog so far. It will work until I get my website, which I'm not doing yet because I am saving for a thousand dollar laptop. Yeah, yeah. I know it'll take a few years before I get there but you never know. 
 I have more fun posts soon, especially with Fall coming up. Stay tuned!

Dear Book,

 I actually typed 2 new chapters today. Woo hoo! New record. Hopefully I can do more later. I really like the story line of my book and it is something I definitely don't want to trash. I wish typing were easy. You'd think it is but it's really not. It's hard work but I'll get it done because I have strength in Christ. 

And now - I am taking suggestions in the comments for the next letters for you post.

Dear Readers,

 Thanks so much for everything you do for me! From your comments to likes, etc., and just for being here reading this today.