Live from the Mall or Blog Goals


We decided to head into Des Moines, so my dad could get his iPhone fixed, and now I have an idea for a post. I actually think it was on my idea list, but ya know, just writing about your blog goals is boring, so we're going to incorporate a story about a girl who went to the mall and saw her dream laptop. Not that last part, but hey if ya want you can buy me one of those.

Now I'm home, and it's the next day. I guess we don't even need the whole live from the mall part. We're just going to pretend I'm still there.

The point of this post is my blog goals. So questions like "Where do you want to take your blog in the future or hope to accomplish with it?" is what I'll be answering. I have 5 blog goals I'm going to share with you today.


1. To Inspire (in fact, just click here because I wrote a whole post on this)

I want to inspire people to work at their relationship with God and to trust Him. I know what it's like to endure trials - believe me, I do. I could be sad about everything that's happened to me and want sympathy from others, but I really don't. I've always trusted God. When one door shuts, He does open a new one. Having faith is not easy, the world has literally gone on a mission to rule out God and replace it with quotes like "You make your own opportunities," or "You can achieve anything you put your mind to," and so on. There's some truth to these quotes, but really, this is the message: YOU can do this! YOU can get that brand new blah blah blah! YOU don't need anyone's help, YOU create your own opportunities! I'm just shaking my head like, oh, you wonder why we live in the world we do.

If WE create our own opportunities, that totally explains why we are the way we are because we need God's wisdom. There's so many people in the world, that's why when I was at the busy mall it made me think of this. So many people need encouragement. I'm hoping whoever reads this blog can be encouraged somehow.


2. I want to be different from everyone else.

I want to show that there are other talents you can have in this world besides sports. I want to show that kids can do things too. I want to show a kid can have a faith - a real one. I want to show that a kid can have a blog and be successful at it. I want to be different than the generation - not so self absorbed and shallow. I know that I probably am those things sometimes - I never claimed that I was perfect. However, I refuse to not be friends with someone just because of their status. I refuse to focus on things of the world. I guess I want to show people that you can be successful if you're different and you have a good relationship with God.


3. I want to someday turn Sparkles by Ashlee into more than just a blog.

What do I mean by that? One day, I would almost like to turn Sparkles by Ashlee into a business. I would love to offer consultations over writing, blogging, and even life. I would love to sell my own goods like stuff you would see on Society6 with quotes and Bible verses. Heck, I'd still like to be a blog designer! And editor! One of these days, one of these days. I can't do it now because... legal work! I've been thinking though - even if I got the okay to do the legal work, I'm still young, and I need to focus on my education. This summer, thankfully, I have had lots of time to grow this blog, but I can't guarantee how much I will be posting in the fall. Also, my book needs to be my second priority. I love writing on my blog, but my book comes first. I would rather be an author than one of the big bloggers. I'm not going to abandon this blog, though.


4. I want to build a community on here.

I want to connect with anyone of any age and have a community on here. I'm still a new blog even though I've been blogging for almost a year. I still don't have terrific stats.


5. I want to eventually make money here.

I think every once in awhile it would be cool to do a sponsored post! The company sends you a {free} product of what you'll be reviewing, and then you get paid to write about it! I would even like to offer sponsoring here, but here's the problem: taxes! I'm too young to pay or even know how taxes work, but I know you have to pay them if you make over a certain amount, so I'm just going to wait on this one. It is a goal after all!

If you have a blog, what are your blog goals? I believe it's important to blog with a purpose in mind, and this is why I blog and what I hope to do with my blog. Now, on to that book. Maybe it'll make enough money to get me that laptop you saw up there. Kidding, well, actually I'm not. Although, I'm content where I'm at in life - even if I'm not getting terrific stats. We just do the best we can to work a little harder at our dreams, goals, and relationship with God every day, but we need to also take the time to appreciate and be thankful for where we're at, and I try to do that. That's what matters in life.