Living So That: Chapter One in Review | Why Jesus Came


After years and years of reading, I hath finished the first chapter of the devotional "Living So That" by Wendy Blight and I'm going to summarize the chapter in my own words. I'm not quoting anything out of the book, just describing the message. So don't copyright me.


The very first chapter is over why Jesus came. She began the chapter with an introductory note about how important it is to read the Bible. She starts off by saying that life gets messy, and it's hard to make the right choices - but that's why God gave us the Bible. She also says that over the next chapters, we'll learn how to make not just the right choice, but the Godly choice. She is very passionate about this book, and I'm glad because she makes me passionate. Now, she starts getting into some Bible verses. Let's take a look.

In my own words, I think it all comes down to this. Jesus came so that we could be in heaven with Him and have eternal life. Because, let's face it, I don't care how much good you do. We're human, and we all make mistakes. And, sorry, but we're all VERY unholy and don't deserve to be with God. Well, Jesus came to take that away. Literally killing our sins right along with Him. That's why only the ones who accept Jesus can enter heaven. 

Once you accept Jesus into your life, you don't just get a ticket to heaven. You get that, and an extra few things: God's love (a complete relationship with Him) + forgiveness. 

Isn't that just great?

No matter how many times we apologize and say we're sorry, we're going to sin again. It may not be that same mistake, but it'll be another one. That's just life. That's just the human race. There is, however, hope for us though. One day we won't be like this, and one day we'll know eternal love. Time is running out, though. That's why I am trying to show as many people the light of Jesus as possible. It's not a required thing, and it's not something you have to do to be a "good person" or "good Christian". It is just something I want to do. 

Again, in my own words and thoughts, another reason that Jesus came was so that we'd have hope. How much fun would living be if we knew that eventually we were going to die and burn in hell? Now, we have something to live for. Even through all the pain, we know this doesn't last forever.

She ends the chapter talking about prayer. 

I don't know about you guys, but I pray all the time. Maybe it's just a random thought in my head, maybe just an update on my day, a cry for help, a cry for comfort, a recap of the day, a thank you, a prayer for someone else, etc. I talk to God more than anyone in my life because He's RIGHT THERE. Maybe not in the physical form we imagine, but He's always listening and He knows my thoughts before I even recite them.

I think this pretty much sums up chapter one. It's really letting me dive into the Word, which is great, because there's doubters who just love to ask questions and we've got to know our stuff. 

One time, I overheard a conversation at school. This one kid goes asks him a question something like how the universe came to be, and the kid who does believe in God replies, "I don't know, google it."


Google is about the worst thing you can possibly use as a resource. So many forums and different opinions... Just no. If you're not sure, lend the kid a Bible or tell him to check out a devotional book.

But Google? Please, spare me.

Besides, it's all a choice anyway. I like to think of it as God left us hints, now we have to put our faith into action. 

I hope you join me through the rest of the book!