More Things I Don't Like


I had a lot of fun writing about things I don't like, so we're going to do that again for this lovely Friday. Make sure you read the first post too! 

- When people don't take me or my blog seriously or think I want to do too much with it.

- People categorizing other people. That just needs to stop.

- When somebody says to snap them, so I do, and then they open it up and don't respond.

- When bloggers put their hashtags in the captions of their photo on Instagram. No, put them in a comment below it!

- When a bunch of new accounts follow me on Instagram only for half of them to unfollow me a day later. Just don't even follow me then...

- Washing my face. There's, like, fifty different bottles of cream you have to put on, then you have to rinse it off every time, and then it says to do it twice a day... I have a life.

- Siri. It's over between us. She never answers my questions.

- When girls get on Instagram and post photos with their boyfriend and be like, "I know he's hot he's mine though." Sigh. If I ever do this when I get a boyfriend, you have permission to unfollow me.

- When people expect me to give them the time of day, but they don't do that for me. I do not think so...

- Uggs. Oh hey Uggs, I actually like you, but those digits on the right side of the $ are ugly. Change them, you're killing my vibe. I recommend some low numbers. I'm thinking some zeros would work the best, but whatever.

- When people make jokes to introverts like, "It's just some people, we don't bite." They just make us feel even more awkward. Whenever that happens to me, I feel really embarrassed. It might just be people, but we're introverts for a reason. That's NOT going to make me feel very comfortable.

- Those girls in school who are always talking and saying dumb things to teachers, like asking them to be their besties and messing around with them. Stop. You sound like obnoxious, desperate little flirts.

- Girls excluding girls on the lower basketball teams like the B and C team. We're a TEAM for gosh sake. It's a stupid GAME. Quit trying to make yourself feel so high and mighty.

- When people don't customize their blog design. Make it you! You can say a lot about yourself through your blog design, and if you don't know how, I'd love to help!

- The fact that making money from your blog has to be SO HARD. You have to have an engaged audience, taxes and legal work, and I can't even, but God has a plan.

- Highly (and I mean HIGHLY) expensive items...! I love reading fashion blogs, and I understand that some items are going to be more expensive, but this one item was over the top. I loved this handbag that was in one of their posts, and it was a nicer one, so I figured it would probably be around $200. I decided to look anyway. I think I was traumatized. $1,900. I don't even care how rich you are, that's ludicrous.

- Yoga. I CAN'T EVEN.

- Seeing all these gift guides. It's not bad to do them, BUT AS IF THAT'S ALL CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT.

- Bitter cold. I'm a wuss, I can't do it.

- How people can tell me stuff in private, and on social media they don't show me any support.

- When book agencies have stupid age limits to submit. I get why they do it, a lot of kids my age want to publish books, but they're not very serious about it. Imagine if all of them just submitted, it wouldn't be good. But what about those who are serious about it?!

- Oh, but you know what's even worse? Book agencies that aren't accepting new authors. NEWS FLASH: All of your current authors are going to die, and you're going to need new ones. That's not very smart. Sorry.

- There's, like, no tax classes you can take in school. I wish there were. I need help. I have tried to read about taxes so many times, and I just can't. I wish I could just tell somebody, "This is what I want to sell, so in simple language, tell me what I have to do." Danggit, why does it have to be so hard!

- I only have one friend who makes the first moves and stuff with me when we're texting, and all my others it's always ME. I have to text and say hey, they never check in with me on their terms. Sorry, but I'll never understand it. If you want to be someone's friend, make the first moves too. It should be divided up, it shouldn't be one person always doing it.

- NO SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS. It was on the last one, and I said I never wanted to see that happen again. BUT IT PROBABLY WILL.

- Oil and dryness. I manage to have the oiliest scalp, but there's always dandruff too. It's ridiculous. Same with my stinking face.

- Getting older. I miss those days of having perfect skin on my face, being able to go days without showering and looking like a stringy mess, not having to SHAVE...

Oh, I love these posts. They tell you more about the blogger. What are some things you don't like?