My First Turkey

I have had quite the morning! A few weeks ago my dad was starting to teach me how to shoot his gun, and I seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly, so this weekend we went turkey hunting! It was a remarkable morning and one I never want to forget.


First, I think I had to wake up at four thirty. Talk about painful. We went out into the timber where we'd hunt and got set up against a tree. I about fell asleep like five different times while I waited for the sky to light up and the turkeys to come in.

So we waited and waited until finally two turkeys were coming in. However, I was facing the opposite direction, so I had to very slowly turn towards this ravine they were crossing to get to us. Dad called and took my gun while I got positioned again, and then he told me to put it up. They were just out of sight, down in the ravine, going to emerge any minute.

I kind of blew it at first; they were right in front of me, and I don't know if it was nerves or what, but I didn't shoot. There were two turkeys, and one was a hen, which I couldn't shoot. The male then took off walking fast and moving his head, and I was trying to get a good angle on it while Dad kept telling me to shoot, but I thought I'd miss. Finally I knew I needed to at least try, or he would be gone. So I did, and I didn't see if I hit it or not. I was almost positive that I'd missed, but then Dad yells, "YOU SMOKED IT!"


It was amazing to see how the Lord orchestrated the whole morning. He is faithful.

I now have a dislocated shoulder from carrying the stinking thing, but I got donuts, so it's all good. Thank you for taking me Daddy!