My Worst Photos I've Taken (That I Actually Kept...) of the Year


Inspired by Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars's worst food photos she's taken this year, I thought I'd do not just food, but ALL of the worst photos I've taken from 2015. And I actually kept them.

1. Snacks from a rest area I got... Well, if you're going to take a picture of them, at least be creative with it.


2. WHAT IS THIS?! This is the worst picture of food I've ever seen in my life.


3. I was trying to do one of those cool a photo of the photo being taken. What a fail.


4. Oh, I can't even. Doesn't the sandwich look delicious?


5. What are those...? You'll never know, unless you read this post.


6. A picture of books. Oh, perfect. Once again, GET MORE CREATIVE.


7. This is a horrible selfie. Hunter got cut out, and you can't even tell what we're drinking. FAIL.


8. Trying to take a cool running pic. Obviously it didn't work out. Nice dog hair right?!


9. This is just awful. This lighting makes me want to puke, you can barely even see Willy, it just sucks!


10. Trying to take a cute winter picture. Isn't it brilliant? I love how you can totally see what I wanted a picture of.


What are some of the worst photos you've taken?