On This Beautiful Sunday



reading: "Second Chance Summer" by Morgan Matson. I'm not very far, so I don't really have an opinion on it yet. I preordered Karen Kingsbury's Brush of Wings - I love that series! I'm also entered to win this ENTIRE series of hers - the Baxter Family! I loved those books soooooo much. I read them in 5th grade and need to read them again. Pray I win - I never win anything! And do you know how much money that would save me - or my mom, actually? I would DIE if I won!

That actually wouldn't be very helpful because then I wouldn't get to read them. Rethinking this.

hoping: that the weather stays like this!!! Who wouldn't love this weather? Today was beautiful!


writing: nothing, to be honest. I'm not outlining or scheduling any blog posts - I decided to try writing everything just from my heart this month. (Does that sound cheesy? I know, but I didn't know how else to say it.) I really want to start writing new book ideas and outlines though.

wanting: a Dr. Pepper. And shoes. I have a shoe problem; I think I like them more than clothes, and that says a lot.

listening: to anything. Have you heard this song? You're welcome. I heard it at a hockey game, and Siri was finally useful and told me who sang it.

thinking: about how God works through messes. And that while there may be a lot of trials right now, God is opening a lot of opportunities for me to grow stronger. See also: learning about evolution in science. See also: friend drama. See also: not getting these shoes. See also: my phone exploding because I have way too many pictures. Whoops...

But He is working, and I am so, so thankful. For everything.


smelling: air. It's good stuff. And maybe smoke because my computer is overheating and burning my legs. #bloggerproblems

celebrating: life and what God is doing. Plus I had a bunch of Arby's cheese sticks earlier, and they were great.

wishing: for these shoes.

watching: letters appear on my computer screen. It's entertaining. And then I was looking for photos to put in this post and remembered some of the HORRIBLE pictures my mom has of me on her phone. Like this one.



wearing: leggings that got set on fire five minutes ago thanks to my computer. A simple Under Armour shirt. Socks. Go basic or go home.

eating: air. Yummy.

loving: my new boots. And these shoes. ;)


attempting: to not get lit on fire. My computer is not compassionate whatsoever to me using it all the time for my blog. I'm also trying to organize these ideas for a book series I want to write.

needing: a fire extinguisher. ;)

obsessing over: SHOES!!! I swear that's not an affiliate link; I just want them VERY badly because a) look at the color, and b) they have sparkles on them or engraved into them, whatever you want to call it. But they're there, and I want.

feeling: so, so grateful for God's love and the many blessings I have. My legs are also numb, so there's that. And I'm getting irritated because I have been on level 65 in Cookie Jam forever. I really can't beat it - I can't even come close.


What are you up to and grateful for this Sunday? Remember how blessed you are, and know that God is working - ALWAYS.