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Welcome to Sparkles by Ashlee, a Christian lifestyle blog over faith, funny, and fulfilling dreams. I'm Ashlee Staerk, and I'm a teenager in love with Jesus and writing stories for His glory in Iowa. Grab your fave drink (I'll take a Dr. Pepper), and peruse my blog, where I document what God is teaching me, encouragement He lays on my heart, the good and the bad in life (always keeping it real), and my journey of trusting God with my dreams!

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Quick Freebie

So today I was designing a cute little geometric background for a friend of mine who asked me to do her new blog design.* It was just a bunch of triangles that would outline her blog like a frame and I just used the colors she picked out. When I was done designing it for her I decided to do one in my colors. Why not? I have some time on my hands, and it might turn out cool. I ended up really liking it and I had some space in the middle, so I wrote my favorite Bible verse (and the one I live by!) down. 

I thought I'd share it here for you all. It's big enough to be a screensaver. So here's your freebie for today, folks! 

*My hidden talent is graphic design and editing images. 2nd dream is to open my own web design business. Codes come naturally to me, same with photo skills. 


The verse is: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope, and a future." It's pretty obvious how I live by this and why it's my favorite.

So enjoy the freebie, because of my designing hobby there will be many more where that came from!