Reasons I Love Hockey


I think you all know by now that I really like hockey. Ever since the two games I went to last spring, I've loved it. It also helps when your favorite player is really good plus he's HOT. It makes it all that more fun to watch... Despite my brother saying I only like hockey because of that, that's not true, and here's why based on pictures and videos from the hockey game my family went to last weekend.

Most of the games are around seven, so you have to eat beforehand, AND THEN you also get snacks there. Really, I just needed to show you these pictures from a restaurant we ate at before.


And...this on the bathroom door. Nice.


I think going outside in stadiums and what not can be fun at times, but I actually prefer arenas like Wells Fargo. That's what the picture is supposed to be of. I'm hoping the iPhone 6s has better night picture quality.


I like how they skate on ice. I think it makes the sport that much more entertaining to watch, and the hockey rinks are pretty cool to photograph.


Yay beer right?! No just kidding...but they sure have plenty of it and other awesome food/drinks like DIPPIN' DOTS.


Okay, now for the real fun. I love their dramatic little openings. Not to mention how awesome the rink looks with the lights dimmed.


Let me just tell you - the intro was amazing. The music was great and even just how they presented it. I have an awesome video of it, too.


I'm thankful that I like a team that has a really cool name that offers great uniforms and an overall great theme. The Wild? Heck yes! To be honest though, all the NHL teams have pretty great themes - there's not very many who don't. I like the Wild theme the best, though.


Hockey also keeps my interest because it's a very fast paced sport that features tons of action. It's also better being there in person than TV ANY DAY.


It also bonds your fam together! That's kind of our thing, just like racing is our thing. Now we all know Hunter doesn't do selfies or pictures at all, right? Well, he actually took this selfie with me. No whining, no bribes, NOTHING. WOW. I was very happily surprised.


Between the gaps, I also took some good videos of two things. 1) THEIR GOAL HORN. It's the best in the entire NHL. They're actually an AHL team, but they share with the Minnesota Wild because they are affiliated with them. When I go to an actual Minnesota game, it will be the best day of my life. I can't go now, because my fave player ever -Zach Parise- has been out forever because he has a sprained MCL. It's a tragedy, and watching my team IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT HIM ON IT.

Also, check out Dad's face in this picture. #popcornproblems Oh, and that other video? A FIGHT. Yes, there's fighting in hockey. I'm not exactly sure what my mature side thinks of that, but I would be lying if I didn't tell you my immature side loved it! I got the whole thing on video, and it was a pretty good one. I'm still not exactly sure what to think of it, but I am keeping that video for, you know...just in case for reasons I'd ever need it...


The food, in case I haven't mentioned it. Hockey food is amazing. They have churros, nachos, Dippin' Dots (my faves), delicious popcorn, and more. We also managed to sit two different places during the night - once near the ice where our tickets were, and then near the exits where there were lots of open seats. It's nice to get two different perspectives, but I personally prefer being right by the ice (and there is glass, if you did not know). Especially when I go see Zach play. Oh, my gosh, yes...


And also, if you want to please fill out this very short survey. Whether you like it or not, I love hockey, and it will be a future part of this blog. You may as well have some say in what type of posts I write about hockey then right? Good, so fill out the survey pretty please with Dippin' Dots on top.

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Hunter and I went down closer to the ice with our neighbor. The game ended up going into overtime and eventually a shoot out too.

Shoot Out = when nobody scores during over time, it's like taking a free throw in basketball when you've been fouled except with defense. The goalie is there, but there's only one player unguarded trying to shoot it in the net. The net is still guarded, though.

It was hilarious because somebody was teasing the goalie from the other team, and he sprayed the glass in front of them with his water bottle. See, you never know what can occur during hockey. Oh! And don't forget those hardcore fans. One time "Shut Up and Dance" played (oh yes, they play tons of hits in between, it's awesome), and one of the fans was like "Shut up and play hockey!"

The opposing team ended up winning the shoot out. Gosh danggit. But anyway, it was a great night. I've found the sport I really love watching, and I can't wait for more games.


Thanks for listening to me ramble about hockey! What do you think of hockey? How 'bout the Wild?! Any questions or specific posts you want to see me write about it? Have YOU been to a hockey game? Tell me about it!