Something Special: Car Rides | Link Up


Remember that post series I started once upon a time? There were still two posts left. It was over memories and my dreams way back when. And like I said, there were two posts left to complete it. Just because I needed a blog facelift doesn't mean I face lifted these off the face of the earth. I'm still gonna do them, just like Christmas. One of the posts is the one you're reading now: a link up over something that is special to you. The other one is "the bad" post. More details later...

Something special to me is...

Car rides.

That sounds so pathetic, I know. Honestly, though. Long car rides have been part of my history since I was little. My grandpa and grandma live four hours away from me, thus it is a four hour drive. It's just nice to be with my family, and uh, to hear this...

You're welcome, Dad. And I hope you guys enjoyed that because now I'll get my butt kicked.

Anyways, these are just a few things I've photographed while on car rides.

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So, what's something special to you? Get writing and join the link-up! I read everything submitted!