Speaking of Des Moines Fun: Trans-Siberian Orchestra


There is snow on the ground, so what better atmosphere for me to recap the amazing concert I attended a few nights ago in Des Moines? I went with my parents to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform at Wells Fargo Arena (same place I watch hockey), and it was so much fun.

First off,  sorry to my Snapchat friends who had to see at least 20+ videos of it. You see, I was just going to take them with my phone (better quality danggit), but my phone decided to go fill up on me and refuse to take any more videos or pictures. It was not being very sympathetic towards you guys OR ME AND MY PICTURE OBSESSED SOUL.


I would totally recommend this concert! It was loud, but if I could make it through with my super sensitive ears I'm sure you'll be fine. They had ah-mazing effects and were all amazing on their instruments, not to mention their melodic voices - especially the girl! It's a great way to pass a night and get in the mood for Christmas. Not to mention how we froze our butts off walking in. Oh yeah, traffic was ludicrous. It makes me so afraid to learn to drive. The struggles are real.

It was a great night with these two! They told me that this was a reward for me just being a good kid. I'm thankful that they support me, teach me about God, and now if they could do the impossible and teach me how to drive.


It was neat to see how everything was set up. We were actually sitting right on the ice. Not kidding. One time Mom was rocking out, and her chair slipped, and she fell on her butt. Just kidding - there were actually boards over it.


As I mentioned earlier, the effects were amazing. I also have a tip for you: go to the gosh dang bathroom before you leave. I have never had to pee so bad in my life, and it was making it miserable. Eventually I had the opportunity to go. I was then able to fully take in the awesomeness. And I did. With 372 videos.


Yes, that is fire that you saw. That's just the beginning of it, too.


This is also another case of a picture I was taking that started out blurry - which the effect is really cool. See:


And then:


I don't have good pictures of the fire, but I do have great videos. You could FEEL it, people. It was awesome. This was when you looked backwards:


It was a great night, I am thankful that God allowed me that nice night. I would totally recommend seeing it, and they actually promised they'd be back next year. I always love coming to Des Moines, though I have no clue how I will ever drive in it. I guess as my mom says, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Although with my driving I am thinking I will literally cross over the bridge into the river.


Have you seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert - what did you think? Have you been to any awesome concerts?!