Summer 2015 Bucket List


I love doing bucket lists for each season (and I try to keep them practical), but summer especially, because summer is my all time favorite season. Obviously time off from school is great, but it allows me to do more things as well. Travel. Visit family. Etc. I also love the thunderstorms, swimming, walks, shorts, flip flops, tank tops, and just spending time outside more. So anyways, here is my messy summer bucket list:

- swim more often
- finish everything with book and begin querying
- hang out more with friends
- take Willy for lots of walks IN TOWN
- grow my blog
- begin a new book
- practice fitness & basketball
- go to the Tipsy House in Spirit Lake (again)
- go to the Cities again
- read more into the Bible
- join Twitter (this one may not be practical, but I had to throw it on anyway)
- go to the Omaha zoo and see my other cousins down that way
- travel more
- visit an Okoboji beach
- go tubing
- go in a hot air balloon
- finish more Wattpad stories

What's on your summer bucket list? Leave a comment below!