Summer 2017: Thoughts & Bucket List

No pressure.

If there's anything I want to remember this summer, it's this. Something I do all the time is that when I've had something super fun happen in the past, the next time I go to do it, I try to plan everything just so so that it is as fun. But normally it's not. Why? Because (a) it's too PLANNED. Honestly, the best moments in my life have come unplanned, when you're not trying, you're just letting life happen and trusting God. And (b) don't spend so much time trying to recreate a special memory. The memory is special because of the time at which it came in your life, appreciate it for that, and don't spend so much time trying to recreate it. Keep letting life happen, and more will come.

So this summer, I don't really want to plan so much. I just want to let it happen. Of course I have goals and things that I want to do, but I just want to savor each day and enjoy whatever the day will bring. Maybe that's just the type B in me, but I really think life is better when it's not so planned. I love to plan things out for fun, but that's about it. My world won't end if my plan isn't followed directly. In fact, most times when it isn't followed, it ends up being better.

But with that being said, I love to dream, I love to set goals, and hopefully some of these things can happen this summer!

The summer 2k17 bucket list :)

- get good word counts on my new book
- blog about the things I am passionate about
- go to Minneapolis and complete the color run (so excited for this!!)
- shop at Okoboji (can I borrow a credit card?)
- go to Estherville, like, every weekend, or hopefully at least a good week :)
- go on a new photoshoot (I need updated pics so bad)
- go to the Grotto
- see fireworks in Spirit Lake
- finish redoing my room (I have to clean it so pray for me)
- walk my dog in town a lot
- go to Knoxville multiple times
- spend a day at Arnold's Park
- ride a jet ski at 'Boji
- go to a drive-in movie
- do nothing in Canada except lounge (and hunt down the internet hahaha)
- go to an Okoboji beach
- ride the Queen (it's a boat over in Okoboji)
- go shopping
- stay in a hotel in downtown Des Moines
- walk around downtown Des Moines and take picsssssss
- read lots
- get in shape hahahaha
- learn to drive
- go for long drives and look at mansions (I seriously love doing this)
- go for bike rides
- finish rewriting my first novel
- publish short stories
- go in a hot air balloon (I seriously put this on every year, but really, it would be fun)

Have any suggestions for me?! Leave a comment, and tell me what you are doing this summer!! Xo