Summer 2k15 in Review Link Up


A year ago I did this link up as my third blog post. Blogging for one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This summer was great, and I picked the top 10 fun times to share today for the review post. The best part about this is I blogged the whole summer, so for some things there's already a post. Let's get started, and you can link up at the end!


1. Walks with Willy

See also: music. See also: dreaming about new book ideas. See also: awesome pictures.


2. Knoxville Races

We went down as a family twice this summer, and Dad and Hunter went numerous other times while Mom and I went to eat and do other things. Read about the first time here, and the second time here.


4. 2 Weeks with Gramps and Grams

Eating junk, staying up late, and a lot more you can read about here. Thank goodness I didn't see The Visit trailers until after I came home...


5. Okoboji and Arnold's Park

I went to Okoboji when I was with my Gramps and Grams, and then another weekend I came up with my cousin and Mom. Each time I went in the Tipsy House, and the next I went in the Mirror Maze too. See the first time I went here and the second here.

6. A Weekend with the Family

From Okoboji (again), to pictures (duh), to watching films with #futurehusband's about it here.

7. A Week with Gramps, Grams, and Amanda

My cousin Amanda came down because last summer just her brother Jacob came down, so that was fun. We did get some good pictures surprisingly, and Amanda would tell you why I say that... Pictures the first night we took here, pictures the second night here, and oh...looks like I forgot to post some from the lake. See them below.


There was a trail I had been on before, so I took Amanda on it. If you were following me on Snapchat (maemaeash) you would have saw some amusing videos.


The next two nights my parents abandoned us to go party at concerts. Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and Shania Twain, to be exact. My mom wasn't thrilled about the first two, which were together. It made for some great nights for us to party, too. Just sitting on the couch eating heaps of ice cream, "Beautiful Now" on repeat, and then social media of course. Oh, and Buzzfeed quizzes. Those are the best.


8. Shopping and Other Fun in the Cities

Oh, I never recapped this either? My bad... My friend and I were spending the weekend shopping, and I left for that right after Amanda and them left. The first night we went swimming when we got to Des Moines in her mom's condo's swimming pool. Then to dry off, we tanned. Ah, the life. Then we made cupcakes and did some horrible makeup things. Afterwards there were face masks and a horrible movie called Sharknado 2. Not only was that the dumbest, most retarded movie I've ever seen, it was also super gory. The perfect way to go to bed is to dream about sharks being cut in half by chainsaws. The next day we went shopping, to the Farmer's Market (it was raining, and the donuts I bought got sugar all over my purse, but it was still fun), we ate at the best pizza place ever, and went to a pool party that night. So yeah, it was pretty fun.


9. More Shopping and Good Deals

All the good deals this summer, I mean what the heck. When I was shopping with my mom at the Williamsburg outlet, there was a deal at one store to get leggings 60% off, I think, so we bought like 3. She also got me tons of running socks, sports bras, and underwear even. We spent a little over a hundred bucks there. Which, that's not cheap, but the 2 of the leggings itself should have been that much when we got 3 for under that. Then t-shirts at Under Armour were on sale and at Nike, and so we scored pretty good.


10. And Just, Life

I know... That's pretty cliche, but it's true. It's been awesome to see how we've all grown as a family this summer when trials came at us. I couldn't be more thankful for my faith and family. God really does turn bad things into good, and so now, I'm going to trust Him in this school year and our future. Which, school starts tomorrow. I'm excited. Here is my prayer.

Now link up your summer in review posts! List 10 things you want to share that you did this summer.