Summer {Blogging} Goals


I am so excited to be sharing this summer's goals I have set for myself for my blog! At the end of the summer, I plan on revisiting these goals and updating how they turned out. So, here they are...

Post everyday.

I know what you're thinking, and just hold that thought. I am not wanting to post everyday to establish my blog. That's not at all what I am hoping to do. I want to post everyday (or at least close to everyday) because it will help me learn things about my blog while recording thoughts and memories along the way. How will it help me grow my blog? For starters, I can find out what worked and what didn't. Some posts will be better than others. Some posts people like better than a different post, and there will be posts I liked writing better than other posts. It's going to help me find out some of those things when it comes to blogging.

Do better posts for Saturday Sparkle.

I noticed I kind of slacked at those in the past, and I want to change that. They shouldn't be any less special than the other posts when it comes to design. I also want to get better at doing Saturday Sparkle. Sometimes I forget. Saturday Sparkle is just a fun way for me to discuss current topics in my life when most people don't blog: the weekends.

Find a design that suits my blog perfectly.

I don't think this one really needs explaining. Sometimes I think I just redesign my blog when I get bored with it, and I'm going to set my foot down on that. When I do redesign, it will be a long, thought out process. I don't even know if it will happen this summer, but it's something I'm going to toy with a little.

Reach out to other bloggers personally.

I'm not just talking comments. This summer, I want to pick 3-5 bloggers who I really look up to and personally email them. They may respond or they may not, but I want to reach out to the people who have inspired me a lot when it comes to this little blog.

Launch a special project I have been working on.

It's all secret until released, but the goal is that it WILL be released soon.

I want to do more button swaps with other blogs looking to grow.

That is what grab buttons are for. For those who don't know what button swaps are, you take the other blogger's button and paste it into your sidebar. It's basically like free sponsorship or sponsor for sponsor. I met my good friend Jane doing this, and I hope to meet many other growing bloggers by doing that.

I want to do more guest posts and invite others to do guest posts here.

You can pay bloggers, and then they let you do a guest post on their blog. It's basically like sponsorship again. I don't know if I will every pay to do one or not, but I would like to do guest post swaps. That is not what they're called, but that's what I'll be calling them. Sometimes I don't like to pay for these sponsorship things because as a blogger I follow once said, I feel like I am buying followers or buying growth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing and paying for sponsoring, though. I'd just rather swap with someone because I feel we're helping each other out more and meeting new readers along the way. That is just my opinion and preference.

I want to participate in more link ups.

Link ups are where a blogger picks a certain idea or thought to do a blog post over, and then other bloggers can do a post with that idea/thought and link up. Lately I don't see very many link ups anymore, but I will be looking out for them and participating. It is a good way to connect with other bloggers.

I want to host more link ups.

I don't know if anyone will participate at first, but I want to try anyway! Like I said, they're a great way to connect with other bloggers.

I want to go through my archives.

I'm not deleting ANYTHING. I promise. I have this big thing about never drastically changing my archives because they were my thoughts then. They are just that: an archive. Besides, if I had to edit my archives every time I got a new design, there would be no more posts. BUT. I want to go back and read some of my archives - maybe spruce some things up. That's okay too, because maybe there was a good thought that I didn't explain very well that can be touched up. I don't know for sure how that will go, but I save every edit I make of the post.

There you have it! There will probably be more goals as the summer goes on, but these are some of the big ones.

Have summer blogging goals too? Link up your post! I actually suck when it comes to finding good link up websites, so for now, use the form below to enter your post! Looking forward to growing my blog and watching other blogs grow over the summer!