The 5 Biggest Reasons Why I Believe in God


You all hear me talking about faith and God on this blog, so it's about time I tell you why I believe in God. I'm not a scientist, and I'm growing in that area. However, it's not like I'm uneducated in this area. I've read a lot of articles from both Christians and atheists, seen a lot of quotes on Pinterest proving and disproving God, read a few books, watched a movie, and I'm not stopping there. I'm going to continue to sharpen my knowledge in this area, but one thing's for sure: I am a Christian all the way.

I have seen plenty of evidence, and after reading all the disproving articles and quotes I can truly say, "I don't agree with that," and have a reason to back it up. I'm not going to shut out those points of view, though. If you don't agree with something in this post, tell me respectfully because like I said: I want to hear other points of view and grow my knowledge.

Let me first start by saying I have WAY more reasons than these. There's so many, though, they're not all going to fit into this post. Besides, I figured for the first one, we'll do some basic reasons. I'll get into some more complex ones later. For now, I present to you my five main reasons why I believe in God. They can all be broken down into more scientific ones, but like I said: we'll just start with these.

1. Everything fits together.

I know it's pretty basic, so let me elaborate. Science is amazing, I'm not like against science or anything. But I refuse to admit that science created itself, which is what would have had to happen if you take God out of the picture. Look at the human body. I refuse to think that that just formed. Evolution is a popular theory in terms of that, and forgive me if I'm wrong on this, but it seems like there's two different kinds.

You have where we came from apes, but that doesn't really explain a lot. That just moves the problem to another place. Who created the apes? Who created the planet for the apes to exist on? Some might say the Big Bang Theory, but I saw in God's Not Dead something that needed to be taken into consideration. They said everything forming into place like that is how they would expect the universe to react if God had uttered, "Let there be light," like he does in Genesis.

Then there's the idea that we formed from a bunch of chemicals in a pond, and that just blows my mind up because I can't even with that. I once saw everything that was in a single cell, and then to think how many cells are in one person?! Not to mention the ability we have to create a baby, and then for the baby to turn out okay?! There is no way I will believe that stuff just forms at chance like that. Plus, we all have our own feelings, personalities, preferences, etc. that are all different, and sorry, but none of that adds up with me.

The human body is amazing, and I believe that God created us like it says in Genesis. It adds up, it makes the most sense to me. Don't even get me started on the universe. Our world is a mess, there is a ton of disaster, but really - it could be much worse. Who knows what's all out there in space? The things we do know, though, can sometimes be a little frightening. There's a lot of meteors, fire, etc. I'd say it's pretty impressive that our planet is still functioning well despite all of those circumstances, and I truly think God is watching over us.

2. Look at all the beauty.

The weather, the landscapes, the seasons, the cycles of the sun and the moon, that just forms? Nah. I could take up a lot of room going over a bunch of specific things, but this ones ties in with #1 pretty well. I just don't think this stuff forms so well on its own.

3. What about morals?

Let's get into something different: morals. If you ask me, the Bible is pretty accurate on what is good/bad when it comes to morals. When you look at what the Bible says and what our law says, they're pretty similar. There are choices we can make that the Bible wouldn't agree with, like gay marriage for example (that's a whole other topic for another day though), but a lot of it is pretty accurate. Otherwise, who created morals? The better question, really, is how would they know what's good or not? God created us, so obviously He knows what's best.

4. The Bible is pretty accurate if you stop and do the research.

I read an entire book about proving the Bible and the common objections people have about it, and I was honestly shocked at how much the research proves its accuracy. You just have to go and do that. Why would someone go to all that work making it up, anyway? I understand that people will do that, but the Bible was really accurate, which tells me something.

5. The testimonies people have are amazing.

Erin from Living in Yellow has a really good one, but even if you just pay attention to the little things. I have seen God working in my life personally, enough to the point where I don't know how I could ever deny His existence.

To end here, I don't want to shove God down anybody's throat, these are just my personal reasons for believing in God. I realize they are pretty basic, but when you really stop and think about them, they're pretty powerful. I also realize some atheists could back these up, and I understand. There's always going to be some uncertainties, some questions lingering, but you know what? They call it faith for a reason. Sorry, but it can't all be knowledge! It's not like we don't have anything, and sometimes you have to stop and consider the available evidence. Sometimes, it's not a lack of evidence holding people back.

It could be anger, confusion, pride, laziness, and the list continues. But this journey with God is worth it, take it from me personally. He's helped me through so much, and I know God is here. He's waiting for you too.

I will get into some more complex posts later like I said, so if you're not satisfied yet make sure to come back. Also, I really want to hear your thoughts on this. If you still have objections, let me know! You don't have to do it in a comment, either, you could privately contact me. I will not write an entire blog post on your comment unless you want me to, and I'm not going to shove anything down your throat. I just want to hear other points of view. You're not going to offend me unless you're being mean about it.

Thank you for tuning in today, I pray that maybe you will stop and think about some of these reasons.