On Being a Mentor and the Mentors in Your Life

Something I think our society has long forgotten is how to be a mentor to someone or how to just have an authentic and genuine relationship with someone. God is the only thing we need, but it is so important to have Christian mentors. I'm not saying everybody in our life has to be Christians, but you really need to have at least one person who totally gets you and will be there for you. My parents and grandparents are that role for me. I also try to be there for other people like my friends.


Why mentoring is important

Because this life is absolutely crazy. You need one person at least who can hold you accountable in a world of sin, and somebody needs that from you, too. You also need one person you can trust with anything and to keep you on track.

The Bible says:

"The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." - 2 Timothy 2:2
I love talks over food!

I love talks over food!

Appreciate the mentors in your life

If you have even one person in your life you can trust with anything and gain knowledge from, then you're very blessed. Appreciate that person and learn from them.

You might be asking how you identify a mentor in your life, and basically, just find someone who is knowledgable about the right things and who really cares for you. What are those "right" things? That they are a Christian, live for the Lord, and have a passion to be more like Christ. In other words, they don't just "say" they are a Christian.


How to find mentors

Unfortunately, some of us don't have these types of people in our life, and that breaks my heart. As much as I can feel alone sometimes with my friends, I have been very fortunate with a loving family. But some people don't even have that. I can't pretend I know your situation, and I won't, but my best advice is this: know God and pray. Read about God. Read the Bible online (you can see many verses online for free, just type in what you want them over!) or blogs that teach you about Jesus. If possible, join a church and find somebody there who will pray over you. I am blessed to have amazing mentors at church, too!

I can always be your mentor, too. You can contact me, and I will pray for you and talk with you about anything. We all need that one person in our life.


How to be a mentor

We are mentors, too. We should be - we have to share the Word of God. So how can you be a mentor?

Be genuine. Quit faking your life. We all have problems, instead of making this messed up society of trying to make our lives look as amazing as possible, let's get real and face up to our problems.

Seek God first. If you are truly living for God (pursuing Him in prayer or His Word, etc.), that's going to show. Seek God before you seek people. When you are seeking Him first, He will place the people He wants in your life.

Care for people. And don't worry about your popularity status. Don't be fake, either. Just genuinely care for someone. Tell them about Jesus, but make sure you're not forcing him on them. Look for their best, and confront them WITH LOVE.

Be patient. We're all on different levels, and that's okay.

I truly believe this is something our society lacks, and that's not good. Even so, I encourage you to be a mentor. Sometimes you might feel alone (more on that later this week), but guess what? It's okay. Your life is a message to somebody, and we get to choose which message it is. Even though some might deny Jesus, they still see how you live and how you act. All it takes is a little spark for somebody to cry.

Out to Jesus, hopefully. And while that's not entirely in a literal sense (if it was a real, burning spark, I'd be sobbing - world's most sensitive person over here), sometimes it does make you cry out to him. If you saw someone living for the Lord and thought about why they're so happy, you might realize how much you need Jesus, and then you'd cry out. See what I did there? I'd be sobbing, though. When I do those little sparkler firework things, sometimes one of the sparks lands on me, and oh my gosh, it's awful.

That would also make a great picture. Me holding the sparkler - NOT ME CRYING. That would be a bad picture. A very bad one. Unfortunately, I already have experience with bad pictures of me. This picture my friend and I took? I look drunk. And take a look at this awesome Cheeto.


Umm, back to the point. I shouldn't have showed you that picture...

I don't even know how you can take me seriously right now. Okay, so... Basically, mentoring is important for our society. It's a messed up world, and we all need one person to help us through. As I said earlier, I can be that person for you. I promise I won't get drunk, but we'll eat lots of Cheetos. ;)

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What about you, dear reader? Who are the mentors in your life - do you need one? Do you think mentoring is important?