When You Have Writer's Block


Ever get that feeling of signing onto your blog and just being like soooo...now what? Or what I do all the time: yeah this list of blog post ideas is crap today. This is none other than good ole writer's block. It can actually be a good thing without the sarcasm. Here are some things you can do when you have writer's block. I'm giving you quite a bit of options!

Option #1: Write About Writer's Block!

Examples: make a list of blog post ideas, make a list to help people in general, or just randomly post. All blogs need to have a focus and topic of things that they blog about, but sometimes it's just nice to not put a lot of thought into a post idea. There are a few bloggers who have posted randomly, and they are still really fun posts to read!

Option #2: Do a Let's Catch Up Post!

I did one of these (see it here), and it was so much fun! You're basically doing a virtual chat with someone about your life and what's new and just whatever is on your mind. I hope to be doing more of those soon! Seriously, when all else fails, do one of these!

Option #3: Go Outside and Wander Around

Or perhaps you have another place where you do your deep thinking. It's important to tune out sometimes and get some inspiration.

Option #4: Browse Social Media

I know. This is something we usually do to try and get out of writing, but it can also give you ideas. When I browse social media, one of these three things happen: 1) I get happy about something, 2) I get mad about something, or 3) I get bored and do something else. If your case is 1, then write about what made you happy! Maybe it's something like the awesome new Mockingjay trailer being out. Seriously, that movie is going to be epic, and I can't believe they're making us wait until November 20. Maybe your case is 2. Without turning your post into a rant, talk about a topic in general that you wish would change or you don't agree with or whatever. And if it's 3, well, proceed to another option.

Option #5: Don't Blog

That's totally fine. It won't kill anyone, and it won't kill your blog. If you have awesome readers who just want to listen to you, then you could basically blog about anything. And if you are in the writer's block position again, reread this post. Now class is over.

Happy writing and blogging!

My Writing Motivation


Lately I've been getting some good word counts into my book. Typing is all about the motivation, and I once in a notebook journaled on each of the pages stuff like I was a coach to myself or something. Basically, it's my motivation. So in images, I'll share that today what I wrote because it really did help.


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Thanks so much for tuning in today! I hope this helps some of you like it did me.