Saturday Sparkle

I used to do a weekly post recap every Saturday called Saturday Sparkle! I got inspired to do it by a blog I liked, and now I want to revisit this series and add my own spin on it. These posts will contain four things: first, a recap of posts I've published over the week; second, what's coming in the following week; third, what's going on in my life that doesn't necessarily need a blog post over; fourth, a lesson God has taught me over the week! So excited to launch this new feature!

Let's start today. :)

This week on the blog:

| Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to write on my blog this week, but I was productive in the world of writing books! I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon!! And speaking of which . . .

Next week on the blog:

| I will finally reveal all of the details to you about my big announcement! Hint: it has to do with my book I want to publish. :)

| Iowa Wild has ended for the season, but I was fortunate enough to attend the last game, and it made me nostalgic as I thought about how many memories I had of attending hockey games. I want to write a post about all of the life lessons I've learned from going to hockey games. ;)

| I want to get my summer bucket list up, too! Those are always so fun, and it's awesome to dream and set goals and then ultimately watch how God works.

Life lately:

| I'm super excited to get to go to my first race of the season! At least when hockey ends, racing begins. Mainly I've been spending most of my days doing school obviously and making sure I'm on track for the end of the year.

| I've been doing lots of reading, and I'm dying for this book I preordered to come out. They actually have copies of it in the UK, so I ordered it off of Amazon from there, but ugh, standard shipping. So now I'm waiting. Rather impatiently as always. ;)

What God has taught me:

| Patience. Because I never seem to learn that. ;D But He's also teaching me about trusting Him in the waiting, whether that be something deep from, say . . . wondering about my future husband at a hockey game? (Hockey players, though. . . . They are quite good looking.) Or just something little like waiting for this book. But nobody understands that this is the last book in a trilogy that was originally going to be only two books. . . . It's a huge deal. And the characters. I love the characters.

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