The End and the Beginning

So this is kind of a dramatic title for a hockey game recap. Unfortunately, it was our last game for this season! We got to go to three games this year, and they were all a lot of fun!


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and keep reading for game #3!



The Pictures

So the first thing I did was take pictures; I know, I never would've thought I'd do that either. If you keep reading, you can see all the {bright} pictures I took + writing updates!


The Food

Patience DOES pay off! I got ketchup with the fries! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to read the game #2 recap. And you know did you actually eat them if you didn't get a picture of you eating them.


So whatever I was trying to do here.... It didn't work.


We played the Manitoba Moose, an AHL team of the Winnipeg Jets. Their goalie was actually in the NHL playing, but then he got moved down, so that was cool to see.



At the beginning of the game, when we were driving into Des Moines, I took some pictures (I mean duh), and yay for daylight savings because it finally wasn't too dark!


Being in the city just creates this feeling of longing in me - longing for Jesus and longing for others to know him because it's a dark, dark world. And as I watch all the people drive by, I wonder if they know Jesus. I wonder if they're living for him. I pray that Christians would stand up for Christ and that they would start being a light. Then we could start something amazing. Click here to see why I believe in showing your faith.

Also, I finally finished my book. I mean, I TOTALLY finished it. It's completely done being edited, and now I have to work on getting everything ready. I have to transfer my book to Word since I had previously typed it on Google Docs, which will be a major pain in the butt since it strips away all the formatting. But it's worth it - agents read it in Word, or so I'm told.

I could be worried about querying. I really want to publish my book NOW. Sometimes I have to straighten out my motives, though. I want to publish it now because why wait? This life is too short to wait. However, sometimes I catch myself wanting it for my glory; I want to publish a book young so that people will think of me accomplishing so much. That isn't the goal, and I have to remember that.

But I'm really not worried about querying. I'll probably get rejected. A lot. I only have ONE agency I've decided to query to. I can't really afford to be picky, but yet this is the place in charge of my writing career, so they do need to be someone I can see myself working with. But I'm not concerned.



I'm not concerned because in life, I'm learning fear does absolutely nothing except break what isn't actually broken. The other day, I had three incidents where I was really worried, and all of them turned out fine.

I'm starting this church project with one of my friends, and we wanted to do it during our lunch time at school. There's a room we can go to, but we needed permission, and I was so worried we wouldn't be allowed to do it. But it turned out fine, and that is something I see repeatedly. Whatever you're worrying about, let it go. Don't waste time blaming God or doubting His plan because we only see a part of it. If you pick up a book and read a random page, you'll probably be lost. You have to read the entire book to understand it, and God is in charge of our stories.

We may not know that now. It might be awhile before we finally realize what it was He had in mind, but He is working. And you can trust Him until then, which will make your life so much easier.

for more on trusting God: Why You Can Totally Let Go and Let God

Also, at intermission, last year with Dad we went upstairs in Wells Fargo and got some awesome pictures of this bridge and river outside along with the Capitol in the background. This year, Mom and I didn't figure out how to get upstairs, but there was this hallway off the main hallways, and the wall was practically glass, so we got some gorgeous pictures.


When the bokeh is on point.... You all know I love bokeh!!!


The panorama would've been just perfect if the dumbo window didn't get in my way... I mean, look at that ugly thing! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!

By the way, pictured below, that gold building is the Capitol.


See that huge yellow blob in the picture? That's where something blew up. I'm kidding. The only thing that blew up was me when I saw how yet another thing got in the way of my pictures.


That will be the end of hockey games for awhile, but it is only the beginning of my writing, and I have work to do, so I will let you go.

Actually, pretty please with donuts and such...

It's over short stories and me posting them and what your opinion on that is. Thank you - you guys are the best. What's going on in your life?