The "Official" Blog & Social Media


Alright people, you finally get to see the old blog. This one is just designed to look like it, because the other one was deleted and on a deleted email account so...

I also had a bunch of tabs with me rambling about stuff coming soon and my life. From how I remember it, here's a pretty good guess at what it looked like.

My so called "website" and "official blog." When my mom finally gave me permission to start a blog, this was my first ever design.. This was actually me in 2012. Up until Fall 2013, all my websites were on a BLOGGING platform and not a WEBSITE program, which I totally recommend hosting a WEBSITE on a WEBSITE program from personal experience...!!


I also had an updates blog and a personal me behind writing blog. It brings back memories, like I remember setting up the updates blog in December, while I was at my Grandpa and Grandma's house, late at night, while it softly snowed. 

So yeah. Big change. Tomorrow, we'll talk about the rest of my websites and why I deleted it, plus the details as to when I will make a new site.

Common FAQ's:

How many redesigns did you go through?

Millions. After this one, I tried a slightly different template with a default bokeh background. Then there was pink stripes, ba da da...

Did anyone read it?

NO. I don't even know if my family did, because I never linked it anywhere haha. Probably a good thing, yeah?

How many posts did you post on all 3 of your blogs?

On the "official," I think maybe 3-5 with random little updates. On the updates blog (which was created once I transferred to a REAL website and didn't have a blog), I posted twice I think. The first was another short welcome, and then my cousin had edited a pic of me so I had that. On the me beyond writing, that was actually my most successful blog and I can't remember everything. That was for my faith and writing, and I had way more detailed posts on there.

What happened to your old website and such? I know you don't have it anymore...

You're right and I'll get into that in the next post, so come back for seconds. :)

What made you start blogging again? What's the story here after you vanished and took a long break from the blogging world?!

A big detailed story will pour out IN THE NEXT POST. I'm hard at work on it now, so check back.

Unanswered questions??

No problem! Go ahead and ask me here, I may add them to this post! Thanks guys. <<<<<<