The Very Beginning


One of the most asked questions that any actress, author, blogger, photographer, designer - the list goes on - is "why do you do it?" and "how did you start?" I've answered how I started writing and designing but never directly why I started my mission or how that played out. So this week, starting with today, will be all about my mission and me as a blogger back in '13. Are you ready to dive into how it all began?

Then let's do it. 

It all started in a pink journal. Yes, pink. Been rocking that color since '03. I used to keep a diary, but then life started to take on a new meaning of busy, and when I was able to write I didn't feel like it. But when I was consistent, I wrote a little about me section in the back.


Here is the about page. In here, I wrote how I wanted to write and inspire people about Jesus and just how God was in control of my life. I was about 8 or so when I did this. Although, I still really hadn't confided in God...yet. I mean, yes I loved Him with all my heart, but I still worried and didn't really trust Him to take those things away. At this age, life really wasn't sunshine and unicorns. We'll get into that a bit next week. 

My diaries were a place for me to vent and record memories. I use my phone for that now mainly, but it still brings back memories just writing in the diary itself. Now I use this blog.

About a year later, no, maybe when I was 10, in the summertime, I finally let God have my worries. Life had started to clear up for the most part, and I remember the exact day when I did it and exactly where I was. 

So, one of the things we struggled with was our cars. We can not afford those $60K Tahoes. We have to get all of our cars used, and I'm thinking that's getting pretty common more and more. Anyway, we had just bought a new used car and I was freaking out. So much bad experience in the past: cars not starting, monthly Firestone trips, etc. etc. So on our way into town (I think something happened with our other car and we were headed into Firestone - jeez that's no surprise) I prayed. I told God that from now on He was in control and He was in charge of my fears. That didn't mean I miraculously felt better. But I had a peace and since then I've matured and I have a joy. And, just because I did that didn't mean the night went perfect. That was actually a pretty cruddy night. We got a ten year old Escalade and there were problems and blah blah blah blah. That's a story for another day. I actually have a message to tie in with that car.

Anyway. Before I get off the topic, this is how it began. My love for blogging came later, and I'll get into that more tomorrow. 

As for cars now, actually we've been blessed and haven't had too many problems with our older one all. Oh please, I hope I don't jinx myself... And the new car has been fabulous, other than the first week. Like I said, though. Story for another day. 

Life still isn't perfect. It never will be. But I'm thankful. I'm blessed. I'm happy. And now, I need to reach out to the people who aren't. 

I'm here to chat anytime guys. Just send an email to "" and I'd be more than happy to help.

Thank you friends for your love and support. I'm so thankful I have you to come to when I can't hold myself up.

My point in this post is just to tell you where the spark started. It makes me smile how far I've come, and I hope I can get even farther. Until then, I am just going to live by Jeremiah 29:11.

**Tomorrow Sneak Peek: you will get to learn what happened between this entry and now. It's how I got to where I am now in detail, so make sure you check back.